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He had many honors bestowed upon him by both state and national chiropractic organizations, which he had served as director and president. He was a member of the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners for 23 years, and editor of the OCPA Journal for the past five years.

He was past Master of the Masonic Lodges of Tulsa, and up to the day of his death, cared for many patients, the work he enjoyed doint most.

Dr. Cooley was honored by the Palmer College of Chiropractic as an outstanding pioneer in 1965 with a personal tribute by Dr. David Palmer, grandson of the Founder, who was Dr. Cooley’s mentor.

On March 22, 1924 he married the beautiful and charming Mabel

Edythe Potter, who was in nurses’ training.

They had a lovely

daughter, Mabel Sterling, in 1934. She is now Mrs. B.N. Rutherford, and has two sons, ages 2 and 4, whom “Sterling” most enjoyed in his spare moments, since they recently returned to Tulsa.

Those, who know Sterling best, have often said: “If we had a few thousand ‘Cooleys’ we could change the course of the healing world.” Surely, with his courage and conviction we could, at least, marshall all of our available forces behind the science and art founded by Dr. Daniel David Palmer into one unified organization, representative of the best in the chiropractic profession.

Let us hope, then, as “Sterling” joins and communes with D.D. Palmer, Willard Carver, James E. Slocum, Craig Kightlinger, F. Lorne Wheaton, A.W. Schweitert, Vedder, Firth, Burich, Hendricks, and many other pioneers now in Valhalla, that they may transmit the “spirit of unity” to this profession, so that those who follow may finally achieve that one organization goal, for which they strove so mightily while on this earth.

1966 (Jan): Chirogram [33(1)] notes:

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    death of Wilma Churchill BA, DC (p. 6):

Dr Churchill received her chiropractic diploma in 1921 and shortly thereafter became one of the instructors in our original college. Entering a field previously dominated by male teachers....Because of her efficiency she was, in time, retained as secretary of the college. For many years she, single-handed, attended to the various office tasks in addition to teaching certain sections of anatomy every semester. Gradually more and more administrative duties were given her until she was, for practical purposes, the academic and financial administrator of the school....Having been conferred a liberal arts college degree herself, she always believed strongly in prechiropractic education. Under her administration considerably more hours were required of our students than the California Chiropractic Act demanded at the time....

1966 (Mar/Apr): Digest of Chiropractic Economics [8(5)] includes:

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    “Researcher passes” (p. 58):

Dr. Nephi L. Cottam of Los Angeles, California, widely known in the chiropractic profession as the originator of Craniopathy, died at his home Wednesday, February 9th. Dr. Cottam, born in 1883 at Salt Lake City, Utah, is survived by his son Dr. Calvin Cottam, Mrs. Nedra Gozzi of Ely, Nevada and a sister, Mrs. Frank Hatch of Scipio,

Utah. A practicing chiropractor for fifty years, Dr

. Cottam was the

second member of the profession to practice in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was a member of the ACA, ICA, CCA and the LACCS.

1966 (May): JCaCA [22(11)] notes:

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    obituary for J. Ralph John DC (p. 35):



A former Pomona DC and graduate of Palmer College, Dr. John had been in practice since 1916. He had practiced in Maryland and in Hollywood before settling in Pomona in 1930. Before his death, he had retired to his home in Laguna Beach. Dr. John, active in Masons, was 80 years of age.

1966 (Nov): ACA Journal of Chiropractic [3(11)] includes:

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    “Delaware” (p. 36): Dr. John Wilker Passes On Dr. John A. Wilker, 86, Laurel, Del., one of the oldest practicing chiropractors in the east, died September 30 in Naticoke Hospital at Seaford, Del. two hours after an auto accident. His car was struck on the driver’s side; he was thrown through the door on the opposite side, landing on the concrete surface of the highway. Dr. Wilker was a native of Dayton, Ohio; had practiced in Laurel since 1924; was a veteran of World War II and served several years overseas. He organized the American Legion Post in Laurel where he served as commander, then state commander. He took an active part in several local organizations; was a member of the legislative committee when the Chiropractic Law was adopted in 1937; served on the Board of Chiropractic Examiners for two terms; was very adept in graphoanalysis.

1967 (May/June): Digest of Chiropractic Economics [9(6)] includes:

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    “College reports: Logan College” (pp. 37-8):

We were all saddened by the passing of Dr. Cordula Kanelles of Downers Grove, Illinois, where she practiced for many years…

1967 (Sept): JCaCA [24(3)] notes:

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    “CHIROPRACTIC LOSES A LEADER”; obit & photo for Earl Rich

DC (pp. 8-9):

Dr. Earl A. Rich, President Emeritus of Lincoln Chiropractic College, died at his home in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 6, 1967 after a prolonged illness. He was 46 years of age and is survived by his wife, Mary, a son, his mother and a sister.

Dr. Rich attended Indiana University and was a 1942 graduate of

Lincoln Chiropractic College. Army Medical Department instructor. His association instructor and later as chief of

He spent three and one half years in the serving as an X-ray technician and with Lincoln began in 1946 as an roentgenology section until 1955, when

he accepted advanced to

the position of Secretary of the college. In 1962 vice-president and became president in 1965.



He was elected a diplomate of the American Board of Roentgenologists in 1958, appointed cineroentgenological research director of the American Chiropractic Association in 1962 and was a

member authored

of the American “Radiography and






Diagnostic Roentgenology,” and “Atlas of

Clinical Roentgenology.” Chiropractic Association,

He was a member of the American Masonic Lodge 312, Scottish Rite and the

Shrine, Phi Delta Theta and Delta Tau Alpha Fraternities, fellowship in the International College of Chiropractic.




An Earl A. Rich Memorial Fund has been established.

1967 (Sept/Oct): Chirogram [34(9-10)] includes:

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    Arthur V. Nilsson, D.C. notes death of James R Alberts Sr, DC of San Mateo (p. 210): IN MEMORIAM The recent passing of Dr. James R. Alberts, San Mateo, California, brought sadness to his many friends and patients. To his immediate family it naturally caused deep sorrow. He was such a

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