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In 1926 he married Ann Kraus, who survives. Also, his two sons, Dr. Arnold and Joel, daughters-in-law Arlene and Joyce, sisters Mrs. Fae Berger and Mrs. Olga Koenig and six grandchildren.

Contributions in his memory are still being accepted for the Scholarship Fund of the New York State Chiropractic Association, 60 East 42nd Street, New York, N.Y. 10017.

1974 (Mar): ICA International Review of Chiropractic [27(2)] includes:

  • -

    “In memoriam” (pp. 22-3) includes:

    • S.

      E. JULANDER, D.C.

It is with great sorrow we inform our members of the death of S.E. Julander. D.C., PH.C. at the age of 91, in Des Moines, Iowa.

A true pioneer of Chiropractic, there were many first in the life of Dr. Julander. A graduate from Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1913, he was one of the twenty charter members of the Delta Sigma Chi Fraternity at the time of the signing of the constitution and by-laws of the fraternity, July 18, 1913. In 1915 he became an active member of the Chiropractic Health Bureau which later became our present I.C.A.

Dr. Julander

was elected



1914, and



was during

first Secretary to the later was elected his time he and his

Iowa Chiropractic president of the wife, Dr. Francis

Julander (also a graduate of P.S.C.) worked the bill for chiropractic law passed, and at

to gain success

in getting

which time the


appointed him to the first Board of Chiropractic Examiners in State of Iowa. Dr. Julander was then given the honor of holding #1 license, his wife held #7.

the the

In 1955 he was elected to the Distinguish Fellow of I.C.A. Retiring from active practice in January, 1969, he became an Emeritus member.

The profession shall always remember this stalwart man for his dedication to the profession.

1974 (Mar 24): Lorraine Welch DC, PhD dies in NYC (Rehm, 1980, p. 332)

1974 (May/June): Digest of Chiropractic Economics [16(6)] includes:

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    “Dr. Lorraine Welch Dean” (p. 9); obituary and photo

1974 (June/July): Today’s Chiropractic includes:

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    “In memoriam” (p. 34); includes photograph:



We regretfully inform our readers of the passing of Dr. Lorraine Welch, D.C., Ph.D., a pioneer in the field of chiropractic education whose late husband Frank Dean founded Columbia Insitute of Chiropractic.

1974 (Oct): ACA Journal [11(10)] includes:

  • -

    “In memoriam” obit for John A. Fisher, ACA director of education

    • (p.


1974 (Nov): Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association [17(3)] includes:

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    “ACA leader dies” (p. 11):

ACA Education Director Dr. John A. Fisher, 64, died in September of complications following surgery.

Only a few weeks before, he had received the welcome news that the Council on Chiropractic Education of which he was executive secretary, was recognized as the accrediting agency for U.S. chiropractic colleges by the U.S. Commissioner of Education.

Opinion was unanimous that he, possibly more than any other single person, was the guiding light behind the CCE quest for federal

recognition of its Accrediting Commission. Dr. Fisher was born in Aurora, Nebraska.

He received his

bachelor’s degree from Nebraska State Teachers College, his master’s degree from the University of Michigan and his LL.D. from Parson’s College.

He was registrar and professor of education at Coe College in Cedar Rapids from 1946 to 1954 when he became president of Buena Vista College. He held that position until 1960 when he became president of Jamestown College in Jamestown, N.D. He joined ACA

in 1964.

1974 (Dec): Chirogram [41(12)] includes:

  • -

    photo and obituary for John A Fisher LLD

Education since 1964 (p. 18)

, ACA Director of

1974: Joshua N. Haldeman, D.C.practiced in Pretoria, South Africa from 1951 until his death in an airplane accident in 1974 (Rehm's notes)

1975 (Jan): Chirogram [42(1)] includes:

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    obituary for James Compton DC, first secretary of the California

BCE (p. 23)

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