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1975 (Mar): Chirogram [42(3)] includes:

  • -

    notes death of Clifford B. Eacrett D.C., N.D. of LA, former president of Southern California College of Chiropractic (p.

    • 20)

      ; no comment or obituary

1975 (May): ACA Journal [12(5)] includes:

  • -

    "In Memoriam" notes death of Gordon Goodfellow of Woodland Hills CA on April 17, 1975; interment at Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills on 4 April 1975 (p. 66)

  • -

    notes "CP Von Herzen, legal counsel for the National Chiropractic Mutual Insurance Company, died on April 17, 1975"; he had also been attorney for LACC and CCA (p. 66)

1975 (May): Chirogram [42(5)] includes:

  • -

    notes death of John E. LaValley DC of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    • (p.

      20); LaValley was former business partner and manager of DD Palmer College of Chiropractic in Portland OR

1975 (Sept): ACA Journal [12(9)] includes:

  • -

    “In memoriam” (p. 18):

Dr. Mortimer Levine, 58, ACA delegate from Metropolitan New York since 1968, died Friday, August 15, 1975, from a heart attack. Dr. Levine practiced at 631 E. 18th Street, Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from the New York School of Chiropractic in 1942 and for many years was a chiropractic educator associated with the

Chiropractic Institute of New York.

Services were

held at the

Boulevard Chapel in Brooklyn on August 17.

  • -

    "In Memoriam" notes "Former NCA-ACA director



  • H.

    Dewey Anderson, Ph.D., died August 4 at the age of

    • 78....

      He was a high-ranking government official for more than

50 years and was the founder of the Public Affairs Institute in Washington, D.C. He received his bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees from Stanford University." (p. 21)

1975 (Sept): Chirogram [42(9)]:

  • -

    photo (cover) and obituary for Harold Heintz Payne OCR, DC,

FICC, 1910-1975, LACC faculty member (p. 21)

1975 (Sept/Oct): Digest of Chiropractic Economics [18(2)] includes:

  • -

    “Dr. Thomas R. Aasum” (p. 9); obituary includes photo & text:

It is with deep regret hat we must report the passing of Dr. Thomas R. Aasum of Corvalis, Oregon on August 19, 1975. Dr. Aasum was widely known throughout the profession as a practitioner since 1936 after his graduation from Northwestern [sic] College of Chiropractic. He was equally well-known for his many articles on the subjects of advertising and professional public relations. The most recent of his writings, prepared just before his demise, is printed in this edition on Page 27. Dr. Aasum is survived by his wife, Vivian; four children, Dr. James Aasum of Corvalis; Tom Aasum of Albany, New York at whose funeral home Dr. Aasum’s memorial services were held on August 23rd; two daughters and eight grandchildren. In lieu of flowers and as a tribute to Dr. Aasum’s deep interest in the education of young chiropractors, any memorial contributions should be sent to the Thomas Aasum Chiropractic Scholarship Fund, 277 NE Conifer Blvd. 11, Corvalis, Oregon 97330.

1975 (Dec): Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association [?(?] includes:



  • -

    “Obituaries” notes death of John A. Schnick, D.C. at age 82 in

Hamilton (p. 26)

1976 (Jan/Feb): Digest of Chiropractic Economics [18(4)] includes:

  • -

    “In memoriam: Dr. Ruth Cleveland” (pp. 7, 9); includes

photograph of Dr. Cleveland:

Dr. Ruth Cleveland Dr. Ruth R. Cleveland of Kansas City, Missouri, died Monday,

December Cleveland Cleveland,

8, in her home.

Dr. Cleveland was

Chiropractic Jr., President

College and the mother of the Cleveland College of

a co-founder of Dr. Carl Kansas City.

of S.

Dr. Ruth, as she was known among her students, her patients, and her friends, was the daughter of the late Sylvia [sic] Ashworth, a pioneer Chiropractor from the State of Nebraska. After completing

her work at the University of Nebraska, Dr. Ruth attended Palmer






Cleveland, and they were married

another student doctor, Carl S. in the residence of Dr. B.J. Palmer.

Dr. Palmer gave the bride away.

Dr. Ruth husband and

graduated from Palmer College [sic] along with her became licensed in the States of Missouri, Kansas,

Nebraska, and California. Chiropractic organizations

She served as officer and was the Secretary of

in numerous the Missouri

State Chiropractic Association for many years as well as editor of

their official journal.

While serving as the first secretary of the Board of the Cleveland College, she also taught Anatomy and Dissection. She served as the

College Clinic

Director for


educational and



twenty years.

Also, she gave

before many state associations.

After her resignation from the College, Dr. Ruth maintained a large

private practice in Kansas City.

Over the years, although she

conducted a general Chiropractic practice, Dr. Ruth became noted for her care of infants and children.

Among survivors, in addition to her son, are her daughter-in-law, Dr. Millie Cleveland; her grandson, Dr. Carl S. Cleveland III, Dean of Academic Affairs of the College; and five great-grandchildren.

1976 (Feb): ACA Journal [13(2)] includes:

  • -

    Mary Jane Newcomb, D.C. authors obituary, “College news: Cleveland Chiropractic College,” for Ruth Cleveland, D.C. (pp. 54-5); does not mention Ruth’s role as NCA delegate from Missouri

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