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established with the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research. Those desiring to participate in honoring Dr. Gonstead’s memory may send their contribution to FCER, 3209 Ingersoll Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50312. Each gift will be acknowledged to the Gonstead Family as well as to the donor.

1979 (Jan/Feb): Digest of Chiropractic Economics [21(4)] includes:

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    “The Invincible Legacy: Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead, Mt. Horeb, WI, July 24, 1898 – October 2, 1978” (pp. 14-5)

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    “College news: Logan College of Chiropractic” (pp. 97-8) includes:

IN MEMORIAM On Monday, October 30, 1978, Dr. Dale C. Montgomery passed away. Dr. Montgomery who had been involved in chiropractic for over 30 years will be greatly missed by all. Dr. “Monte” as most of us knew him, had been with the Logan

faculty since 1946, after his graduation.

Dr. Monty until his

retirement earlier this year was Chief of Staff of Clinics, and Chairman of the Chiropractic Science Department.

In 1973, the college named its anatomy wing after him as he had devoted much of his life to the teaching of the anatomical science.

Most of us to Monty were called “son” and his loss will be one of a father to many of us.

At the last Logan Homecoming, plans were unveiled to his surprise to dedicate the new clinic building now being planned at the new campus to be named after him.

Dr. Monty was very instrumental in securing the satellite clinic in Ferguson after the Normandy campus was sold.

We all know how much Dr. Monty taught us and will always remember his page by page memory of Gray’s Anatomy.

Dr. Monty said “Time flies when you’re having’ fun.” We at Logan wish Dr. Monty’s time was still with us and will miss him deeply.

Dr. Monty is survived by two sons, who are also Chiropractors, Dr. Richard C. Montgomery of Akron, Ohio, Dr. Dale P. Montgomery of St. Louis, Missouri and two daughters, Mrs. Jacqueline Lawrence of Lake Orion, Michigan and Mrs. Sandra Schultz of St. Louis, Missouri.

1979 (Feb): ACA Journal of Chiropractic [16(2)] includes:

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    “In memoriam” (p. 64):

Dr. Stephen V. Martinko, 68, Youngstown, Ohio, died November 29. He was a 1934 graduate of Metropolitan College of Chiropractic and Physiotherapy. Dr. Martinko was a former member of the ACA Board of Governors, served for nine years as the ACA State Delegate from Ohio, and was a past president of the Eastern Ohio Chiropractic Society and the Ohio Chiropractic Physicians Association…



1979 (May/June): The Chiro-Practor (Pasadena College of Chiropractic) (2[4]) notes:

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    "A special tribute" by Jay D. Kirby DC notes death of George Haynes DC, MA in May, 1979, and that Haynes was member of the Pasadena College of Chiropractic board of trustees (p.


1979 (June): ACA Journal of Chiropractic [16(6)] includes:

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    “In memoriam” (p. 71); obituary for George Haynes, D.C., M.S.

1979 (July): ACA Journal of Chiropractic [16(7)] includes:

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    Ralph J. Martin, D.C., N.D. of Sierra Madre CA authors “In

memoriam: a tribute” (p. 58):

Dr. George H. Haynes, president emeritus of Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, passed away on May 5, 1979 at the age of 67.

Dr. Haynes


both his

addition to his







MS degrees in chemistry, in affiliated with the American

Chemical Society, the American Association Science, the Biochemical Division of ACS,

for the Advancement of the Southern California









International College of Chiropractors. of leadership at LACC, Dr. Haynes

In addition to his many years was also instrumental in the

attainment of recognition of the US Office of Education

the Council on (USOE) of the

Chiropractic Education by US Department of Health,

Education and Welfare (HEW). research projects at the time of published during his lifetime.

Dr. Haynes was involved in his death, and had numerous

several papers

In the period of over a decade (1960-72) that Dr. Haynes served as president of the CCE, he gradually assumed much of the leadership and responsibilities which had been previously carried by Dr. John J. Nugent. Since the office of CCE director of Education had become rather fluid after Dr. Nugent vacated that position, it was particularly necessary that a member of the profession should again provide the vision, motivation, initiative and energy toward reaching the goal of

accreditation. Dr. Haynes supplied these qualities and contacts in Washington which had been established by Dr.

pursued Nugent,

along with the new director Haynes prudently maintained

of Education, Dr. John steady pressure, urging

Fisher. Dr. the USOE to

recognize the agency for the

CCE Committee on Accreditation chiropractic profession.




In 1972, Dr. Haynes declined reelection to the presidency of CCE, but in doing so took on the responsibility of a special committee to work for the single purpose of guaranteeing federal recognition of the accrediting committee.

Soon afterwards, the LACC Board of Regents elected Dr. Haynes as president of the college, and Dr. A. Earl Homewood as college dean. This development gave Dr. Haynes more freedom from administrative responsibilities so he could devote his time and energy toward his work with the education department in Washington, D.C. This was a hectic year in which Dr. Haynes was either in Chicago conferring with the special committee he headed, or he was in Washington pressing for recognition of the accrediting agency. He was involved with frequent debates before the USOE. On August 20, 1974, Dr. Haynes called me in my position as chairman of the LACC Board of Regents to report that he had just received a call from Washington, D.C., that the USOE had granted recognition to the Commission on Accreditation of the CCE as the accrediting agency for the chiropractic profession.

It is certainly proper that Dr. Haynes be recognized as the dedicated leader and achiever who finally secured official federal recognition of the chiropractic educational institutions.

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