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When Dr. Napolitano first approached us with his idea on tributes to Bill, our thoughts were negative, knowing that Bill never would have approved. When our discussion was over however, we had to agree that it would be selfish of us not to permit his many friends and colleagues to express their appreciation for the countless number of deeds Bill had done to promote the chiropractic profession.

We the staff with our president, Mrs. Helen Luckey, thank Dr. Napolitano and everyone else for their outpouring of love and praise for Bill.


  • Everyone should have a friend with MOXIE. I’m glad that Bill was

a friend of mine.

Faye B. Eagles, D.C. ***** Bill Luckey shared his thoughts, business acumen, optimism, wisdom, advice, experience, and humor with me for seventeen years. These attributes and friendship helped me through some tough times during my years with the American Chiropractic Association… I’ll miss him. His many friends in the profession will miss him.

Louis O. Gearhart, D.C., Executive Director, ACA ***** There will be many tributes paid to the late William L. Luckey

attesting to his value somewhat appropriate

as a man.

I guess a quote from Cicero is










good with labor, pursue evil with remains.”

the labor passes away but the good remains; if pleasure, the pleasure passes away and the

you evil

Bill Luckey pursued good with his labor, and his good will remain for our profession long after Bill has gone. I am happy to have been a friend of Bill Luckey’s and had an opportunity to know him for a number of years.

Louis Sportelli, D.C. ***** “Bill Luckey was just about the best layman friend chiropractic ever had. Of course, he ran a business, made a living, but he was well worth the laborer’s hire; and, indeed, he did labor – oh, how he labored!

“I remember in the early years, I was speaking on the Good

Posture Program in Louisville, Kentucky.

Former Vice President

Alben Barkley was there and did the guest address; I did the professional address. Bill did the reporting. And at night he worked, in one instance until sun-up, on the “magazine” as he called it. I

remember it was sun-up as I was helping. “He always went first class for chiropractic.

There were few

grammatical errors, misspelled words, danglying [sic] modifying

phrases or participles, etc.

Bill knew his business; and he was a

perfectionist enough to want the best to represent chiropractic “I loved Bill Luckey. And I’ll surely miss him. We tried to tell him so by supporting him from the first issue, 21 years ago, and by

presenting him with a ‘BACKBONE OF JOURNALISM’ Award 18 years later.


“And the principles of first-class journalism as espoused by Bill Luckey will forever remain the spine of our own principles and the backbone of our own truth. God loves you, Bill; and so do we!” James W. Parker, B.A., D.C., Ph.C. Founder and President, PCRF ***** William Luckey’s world wide reputation was as great as that of any lay person. He served as the Executive Director of the Michigan










Chiropractic Economics, the largest journal of its kind and a vehicle for new ideas for the past quarter century. Mr. Luckey was a strong supporter of chiropractic organization and a consistent advocate of research. His passing is a great loss to the profession.

Dr. Jerry Brassard ***** William L. Luckey was a part of the movement of chiropractic for many years and all who knew him held him in high esteem. Bill’s affection for chiropractic was evident in his continuing efforts to communicate the quality of the chiropractic profession to the many publics which he served. William L. Luckey will be remembered, and his memory cherished.

P.H. Sullivan, Jr., D.C., President, CCE





***** be in





excellence the growth

and and

devotion to chiropractic contributed immeasurably present status of this great profession.


We will all miss him. Dr. Richard D. Yennie ***** With the passing of William L. “Bill Luckey, our profession has lost a great friend. Palmer College claimed Bill as one of its own, as he served on the staff in the 60’s as Public Relations Director. His distinguished and loyal endeavors on behalf of Palmer and chiropractic will be remembered by us all, and his pioneering efforts in chiropractic media have earned him an enduring place in the history of the profession.

J.F. McAndrews, D.C. President Palmer College of Chiropractic ***** “My first ‘rap’ session with Bill Luckey was during the mid-years of the World Posture Pageant. Bill was always where the action was as long as chiropractic was the reason behind the news. Many rap sessions continued over the years and they always included many cups of coffee and cigarettes. The sessions were more often than not held in hotel coffee shops from California to New York. He was always behind new ideas in chiropractic and would grant a favor at the drop of a hint. No matter how many times I caught him on the phone, he was always asking about the family. Few men could replace him as a journalist, few men could replace him as a business man, but no one could replace him as a friend.”

R.B. Mawhiney, D.C. Chiropractic Editors Guild Institute of Chiropractic Hypnosis ***** William L. Luckey has left to the chiropractic profession a legacy which cannot be counted in dollars and cents. To make certain that he would not inject his personal opinions into chiropractic affairs, The Digest of Chiropractic Economics carries no editorial page. Its contributors are accepted not on the basis of their affiliation or non- affiliation with a particular group. The criterion is: does the author write well and does he have a topic that is both interesting and appropriate? In a word he has given us a publication of incomparable merit.

Clarence W. Weiant, D.C., Ph.D. ***** Beyond being the best known layman in the chiropractic profession, Bill Luckey contributed greatly by publishing novel dialogue, theories, and techniques by chiropractors in The Digest of Chiropractic Economics. He realized before many of us the importance of scientific research if we were to keep pace with

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