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allied professions, demonstrate our responsibility to the public, and gain the confidence of scientific bodies and governmental agencies of whom we seek support.

His advice, good council [sic] and presence will be sorely missed by the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (F.C.E.R.) and by his friends throughout the world.

Van D. Mericas, Past President, F.C.E.R. ***** Having done business with Bill Luckey for over 10 years as a post graduate technique instructor I knew of Bill’s care for post graduate education in chiropractic. In those 10 years never once did we have a disagreement and he will be missed greatly as a man of his word.

Dr. A.W. Fuhr… ***** How well I remember the long and encouraging conversations with Bill during my tenure as Dean of CMCC. His ready wit, sound judgement and prudence coupled to his pragmatism made him the master diplomat to a frequently divided profession. Yes, Bill Luckey will be sorrowfully missed but not forgotten. “Wisdom denotes pursuing the best ends by the best means” – Francis

Hutcheson Although a very short and brief statement, I believe the above paragraph says it all.

Herbert J. Vear, President, WSCC… ***** Bill Luckey, my friend and a totally dedicated friend of chiropractic and thousands of chiropractors has gone. Bill left a legacy that influenced many chiropractors on a personal basis through

his constant great part in so dearly.

readiness to give unselfishly the growth and advancement

of of

himself. He has the profession he

had a loved

I’ve had the honor and privilege of knowing Bill for over 25 years and he was always seeking new ways to help the colleges and chiropractic. The profession has not only lost a friend who wanted to help but one who had the knowledge and business acumen to put his ideas into action.

Monte Greenawalt, D.C.


  • As an independent forum for expression, “The Digest of

Chiropractic Economics” proved the value of, and the interest in, communications… Our profession has lost a very dear friend; one who set for us a clear example. He could be considered a pioneer in intra-chiropractic communications. Let us hope that we can all learn from his endeavors an build upon his successes. I am sure that we know one another a little better because Bill tried.

Don Sutherland, D.C., President, CMCC ***** The first time I met Bill Luckey was in December, 1973, the day he hired me to become Editor of “The Digest of Chiropractic Economics.” It was over a cup of coffee at a hotel coffee shop. As most of you know, this was Bill’s favorite spot for conducting business and only the good Lord knows how many decisions affecting chiropractic were culminated over a cup of coffee in just such a setting.

From the start, Bill was not only a business associate but a good friend. We had many a lively discussion regarding chiropractic as Bill

nurtured me in the inner turmoils of a growing profession. masterful understanding of this profession he loved so dearly

His came

into play many times over wise counsel when making

these past decisions.

seven years and I shall miss his Yes, we shall certainly miss him

















coming and did all in his power to see that we could carry on without him. I have profited greatly by knowing Bill Luckey and although I might not be able to make all of the wise decisions he did, I will certainly do all in my power to promote the chiropractic profession with the same love and zeal that inspired Bill.

George M. Davidson, Editor

  • -

    additional reflections on Bill Luckey from James E. Reese, Jr.,

    • D.

      C., President of ICA; Arnold Chancily, B.S., D.C., M.S.,

    • F.

      I.C.C., F.A.C.C.; Jean Dyer; Carl B. Miller, D.C.; Carl S. Cleveland, Jr., D.C.; Carl S. Cleveland, Sr., D.C.; William N. Cog gins, D.C.; Gordon L. Holman, D.C.; Earl Less, D.C.; A. Earl Homewood, D.C., N.D., LL.B.; Ralph G. Miller, Ed.D., Executive Secretary of CCE; Gary E. Refits, D.C.; J. Robert Lemon, R.Ph., President, V.M. Nutri, Inc.; Edwin M. Kenrick,

    • D.

      C., President of ACA; John B. Wolfe, D.C., President of NWCC

1981 (June): ACA Journal [18(6)] includes:

  • -

    “In Memoriam” (p. 90) notes passing of Robert Franklin Stump,

Santa Monica, California

1981 (Sept): Bulletin of the AHC [1(2)] includes:

  • -

    “World’s ‘oldest’ D.C. dies” (p. 4): At age 109, there is little question that Dr. Sallie Ice Mebious was the world’s oldest chiropractor. She died this summer in Carlsbad, New Mexico, having retired there only in 1969. Dr. Mebious was well known in chiropractic, especially in Colorado. Born June 11, 1872, in Lawrence Kansas, she taught school there and latter married a pioneer D.C., Dr. Robert Mebious. Moving to Denver, she became one of the early graduates of Dr. Willard Carver’s school in that city – certainly among the first women to enter the profession. Although it is uncertain how long she did practice, Dr. Mebious was an active staff member at Spears hospital, Denver, through the late 1950’s.

1982 (Autumn/Winter): ICA Chiropractic [36(2)] includes: -“Newsbriefs” (p. 9) includes: College founder Carl Cleveland, Sr., dies Dr. Carl S. Cleveland, Sr., 86, died at the home of his grandson, CCC/Kansas City President Carl Cleveland, III, in Kansas City, on of International Review

September 28, 1982.

Services were held in the auditorium of

Cleveland Chiropractic College of Kansas City on Saturday, October 2.

Dr. Cleveland, Sr., was known throughout the profession as a

leading educator and lecturer. Chiropractic College of Kansas

He was the founder of Cleveland City and president of the college from

its beginning in 1922 Cleveland Chiropractic

until 1967. He also served as president of College of Los Angeles from 1951 until 1981.

“We are very saddened by the loss of this outstanding chiropractic educator and pioneer,” notes Dr. Bruce Nordstrom, executive vice president of the ICA. “His life of dedication and achievement in the profession continues to stand as a model for chiropractors everywhere.”

A memorial fund in memory of Dr. Cleveland has been established at both Cleveland College of Kansas City and Cleveland College/Los Angeles. Contributions will be applied to the Alumni Building Fund. Contact: Dr. Cleveland, Sr., Memorial Fund, CCC, 6401 Rockhill Rd., Kansas City, MO 4131 or call (816) 333-8320.

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