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Chiropractic Association, which later amalgamated with the National

Chiropractic Association.

Twenty years’ acquaintance permits me to conclude that in prosperity and adversity, Dr. Joy M. Loban gave more unselfishly and received less from Chiropractic than any other I know, and it is truly regrettable that the demoralized state of our profession prohibits a fitting tribute to his memory, or appreciation for the sacrifices so willingly made by his good wife and children.

Certainly those favored by his friendship, instruction, and advice, are better chiropractors, men and women, no matter what differences of opinion might have existed otherwise.

I trust that our distorted and mutilated Chiropractic records in this case may be complete and correct, in the interest of one to whom his every student owes much.

A victim of the mad penchant for prescribed massive thrusts upon vertebrae, in this instance designed to move the sacrum anterior, Dr. Loban suffered the effects for years, or until the date of his death.

Dr. Loban came into and went out of Chiropractic expecting from others only a part of that which he gave, and despite our turbulent scholastic and political affairs, was charitable even to his traducers.

He was an honest believer in what he preached – Chiropractic.

1936 (Dec): Journal of the ICRF(formerly Sho-me) [1(9)], edited by Thomas F. Maher, D.C. at 3518 N. Grand Blvd, St. Louis includes:

  • -

    “Dr. R.C. True” (p. 16); obituary:

With the passing of a man from this life, known and loved by his colleagues, understanding and gentle in his manner, was a man whose life will ever be an example of those who had the privilege of knowing him. Dr. R.C. TRUE was killed in a train wreck a few weeks ago, and we pay tribute to this man for the example he has set. To his wife, family and friends we, the members of the International Chiropractic Research Foundation, extend our sympathy and understanding to a member who the organization was indeed proud to have on its roster. Dr. R.C. TRUE practiced Chiropractic for many years and was located at Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

1937 (Sept): The Chiropractic Journal (NCA) [6(9)] notes:

  • -

    notes death on July 10, 1937 of Horace D. Norton DC, first

president of the UCA and member in good standing of the

NCA (p. 46): A PIONEER PASSES ON Dr. H.D. Norton was called to his reward July 10, 1937.


passed away at his home in Washington DC after an illness of several months. Dr. Norton was the first man to get the idea of forming the first Chiropractic organization for the protection and defense of chiropractors. He was one of the organizers of the UCA and was its first president, and a member in good standing in both the UCA and t h e N C A t h r o u g h t h e y e a r s . " H o d " , a s h e w a s f a m i l i a r l y k n o w n t o h i s host of friends, had a congenial and happy disposition. He was

serious and high-minded about the greater things of life, and welcomed every sacrifice which would make for more rapid progress of his profession. Dr. Norton was chairman of the Chiropractic Examining Board of Washington DC, and was the first chiropractor to practice his profession in that city. He leaves his wife, Zella M., and a host of friends to mourn his passing. A resolution of tribute to the memory of Dr. Norton was adopted by the House of Counselors at the recent National convention.



1937 (Dec 26): Charles M Guyselman DC of Jackson MI, chairman of NCA board of directors, dies; chairmanship assumed by AW Schweitert DC of Sioux Falls SD; vacancy on board filled by Frank O. Logic DC of Iron Mountain MI ("Dr. Guyselman passes." The Herald of the Kolar Health Clinic 1938 [Feb]; 5[6]:4)

1938 (Mar 27): Charles A. Cale DC dies at age 67, according to death certificate (State ID#17297)

1938 (Mar 29): LA Times this date reports:

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    “Dr. Charles A. Cale”:

Funeral services for Dr. Charles A. Cale, 67 years of age, president of the Chiorpractic College of America, who died Sunday, will be conducted at 2 p.m. tomorrow at the Bramble Funeral Home, 1816 Toberman street.

1938 (May): The Scientific Chiropractor (3[12]), published by National-Affiliated Chiroprators of California, includes:

  • -

    photo and obituary for Benson S. Bullis, D.C. (p. 7)

1938 (Nov): The Scientific Chiropractor [4(6)], published by NACC and edited by C.I. Johnston, D.C., includes:

  • -

    “Obituary” (p. 24) for R.C. Bertheau, D.C., N.D., former president

of the College of Chiropractic Physicians & Surgeons:

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of one of our foremost leaders in chiropractic, Dr. R.C. Bertheau. Dr. Bertheau recently conducted a nationwide lecture tour. He was stricken with a heart attack following a lecture given at Fresno October 13.

1938 (Dec): National Chiropractic Journal [7(12)]:

  • -

    obituary: "A Pioneer Passes Away" (p. 47) notes that R.C. Bertheau died in Fresno on 10/13/38, will be buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in LA (Pioneer, 1938)

1939 (May): The Scientific Chiropractor [4(12)], published by National-Affiliated Chiropractors of California and edited by

    • C.

      I. Johnston, D.C., includes:

  • -

    E. Lyman Gould authors “Obituary: The passing of Dr. Flodquist” (p. 38)

1939 (Oct): National Chiropractic Journal [8(10)]:

  • -

    obituary & photo of O.C. Bader, D.C., NCC dean (p. 4): Dr. Omer C. Bader Dean of the National College of Chiropractic, died on September 18, 1939, of uremic poisoning following an illness of nearly two months. He was 49 years of age at the time of his passing. Dr. Bader began his career in drugless healing by special work under Bernarr McFadden during 1912-1913. He was graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in 1921. From that time on he was active in teaching, practicing and studying drugless work. He served as Professor of Obstetrics, Lindlahr College of Natural Therapeutics, and House Obstetrician for the West End Hospital in Chicago. He was also Professor of Pathology at Peerless College of Chiropractic.

While teaching at the National College of Chiropractic, from 1924 to 1936, Dr. Bader completed the four-year course at the National College, receiving the Cum Laude degree in 1927. He was Dean of the National College from 1936 until his death.

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