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  • 1986.

    The Palmer student body voted him Faculty of the Year in

  • 2000.

    In March the PCCIAA gave him its 2003 Faculty Achievement

Award. David B. Koch, D.C., Palmer's vice president for Professional and International Affairs, got to know Dr. Barge over the last two years as they worked together at Palmer. Reflecting on their time together, Dr. Koch said, "Fred was such an inspiration to me. He personified the quintessential chiropractic qualities of faith in the body's power to create and heal itself, optimism and positivity as the greatest mental tools for living, deep respect for the values and principles of chiropractic's founders and a lifelong passion for exploring how these values translate into excellent patient care. As he worked with tireless energy on Palmer's LCP program, and the ICA's new Diplomate in Philosophic Chiropractic Standards, I got to watch a man for whom retirement was not an option. Why would he retire from doing the things he so loved to do? Fred embraced life to the fullest, and knew that this is what chiropractic is truly about; living your own life on your own terms. The best way we can honor his life is to carry on with his work, which is truly our own work, of bringing chiropractic to the whole world." Survivors include his wife and two daughters, Sally Barge Rusak, C.T., and Patricia Barge Berkley, D.C., as well as 10 grandchildren. Another daughter, Amy Barge, preceded him in death. A private burial ceremony will be conducted in Wisconsin. Details about a memorial service at Palmer College will be released later. A memorial fund has been established by Dr. Barge's family through the Palmer Development Office in Davenport. Memorials may also be made to the ICA. Dr. Barge's obituary is expected to appear in the Friday edition of the La Crosse Tribune at the following Web site: http://www.lacrossetribune.com/obituaries <http://www.lacrossetribune.com/obituaries> ___________________________________________ References:

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