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Whether you’re building high-rise condos on the Gulf Coast, hotels in the desert, or offices in the far north, Senergy® has the look you want and the cladding system you need. When you build with Senergy, Build with Confidence®.

Senergy® EIFS… The look that Lasts

Senergy Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) from BASF Wall Systems provide style and function like no other commercial cladding. Brilliant colors. Ornate shapes. Dramatic moldings. Graceful arches. Stunning cornices and bold wall patterns set our wall systems apart. Design flexibility such as this is one reason our products have been used on some of the world’s most stunning buildings… the other is outstanding, dependable performance.

Senerflex® systems provide a strong, durable primary weather barrier that is reinforced for impact resistance. The advanced chemistry of our finishes gives them fade-resistant, crack- resistant and low maintenance characteristics. Our systems provide a seamless blanket of insulation that makes EIFS the number one choice for energy efficiency.

Great “looks” start with a great foundation. And that foundation is Senerflex® Classic PB, the industry’s pre-eminent barrier EIFS system with a 25-year track record of proven performance in commercial construction. For most commercial applications, Senerflex Classic PB is all you will ever need. It is a time- proven favorite of architects, owners, contractors and applicators.

  • Architects love it because it enables them to produce distinctive and enduring designs that would be impossible or too expensive to create with other claddings.

  • Owners ask for it because it gives them a unique “look” that is backed with the industry’s strongest warranty.

  • Contractors insist on it because they’ve been using it, trouble-free, for more than 25 years.

  • And applicators swear by it because its superior workability makes it user-friendly and cost-effective.

Senerflex® Classic PB is the most economical way to achieve “the unique look” of EIFS that has taken the commercial construction market by storm and made EIFS the number one commercial cladding in North America.

Add only the protection you need. Sometimes a project has design requirements that call for more protection from incidental moisture than even the best barrier EIF system can provide. This need for additional protection occurs when:

  • Wall designs include lots of openings, ganged windows and/or complex roof lines

  • Structures have wide-open exposure without overhangs to absorb the impact of weather

  • Structures are located in a coastal area

  • Or when local codes, warranties, insurance policies or owners require it.

For these situations, Senergy® offers a complete line of design options that enable architects to add just the right level of protection needed for each job.

Prefabricated, light-weight EIFS panels enabled easy and cost-effective installation of Roman design elements atop the 300-foot tower addition to Caesar’s Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, N.J.

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