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Preface Is this a scam?

The very day we launched www.GetGoogleAdsFree.com people starting talking.

there was at least one thread in the very popular by asking…

where someone started

Anyone know what this is about: Get Google Ads Free??

And immediately people started saying things like:

It’s a scam!

Stay away from it!

It has all the red flags of a scam!

  • and so on.

We watched over the 5 days following to see more and more people adding to this; but MOST

(about 94%) of what everyone was saying was:

Thanks guys … I wasn‟t sure!

Yeah … I thought so …

Thanks for clearing that up for me

  • you guys are the BEST!

  • and so on.

And we were awed by how many “experts” were all so raring to give everyone their “opinion.”

Now, I am this ebooks creator my name is

  • and I‟m now a retired MD living in

New York City (my home town of more than 60 years now!)

When I was a practicing MD I had to rely on

  • and naturally if you had been one of my

patients you would most likely have wanted me to, right?

I mean, what if I concluded incorrectly and I was willing to take the word of someone neither you nor I

had ever met

and then

proceed to open you up and dabble around based on “their” foolish opinion?

Would you want me to conduct the surgery at that point?

(And you‟d be smart for demanding I get my facts straight from all involved before proceeding with something so life-changing in a single shot!)

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