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Only this time you will start by selling off space so that soon you have regular advertisers who will completely offset your Google pay-per-click costs!

We‟ve tested this and it works amazingly well as the people that will be clicking on your ads will be highly-targeted entrepreneurial-minded people looking to make money online! So naturally they will be very interested also in making the MOST of YOUR ad space!

Always as a rule include your banner that tells people that you have space for sale; and even tease them with what appears to be fast-moving spots you are quickly getting rid of

I really can‟t emphasize enough just how amazingly FAST these spots will sell!

You will of course have to test a few prices to see which one sells the BEST.

Also, you can sell off different sizes throughout.

The absolute best way to look at this concept is just like real estate: Out in the middle of nowhere where a rural highway gets little or no traffic, you surely can‟t expect anyone to advertise their billboard on it.

But, if you own a small piece of land right next to one of the busiest interstates around, advertisers will be banging down your door to place their tall ad on your billboard!

Get the idea?

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