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And with 10-15 ads each selling for between $100 and $300 monthly for the space, you‟d have anywhere from $1,000 to as much as $4,500 a month in revenue generated from just this one Squeeze Page (we tested this and had absolutely NO trouble getting these kinds of results in

fact, we averaged about

; meaning we could afford to spend around $130 a day

on Google AdWords, and NOT suffer the costs!

At $130 a day and with our average CPC (i.e., cost per click) being about

, this

means that we could get as many as about incurring costs.

thru‟s a day and not be in any danger of

And what‟s even better is the fact that from among these 450 or so click-thru‟s, some 4% bought

after completing the form initially (meaning

) with around 185 people completing

the form daily, and from among them another 19% bought after receiving anywhere from 1-4

issues of our FREE Newsletter (meaning

or so on top of the initial 18; and




*Not to be construed as an assurance of earnings.

If you averaged this daily too, and at over

, this would mean that not only

would you NOT have any Google ads‟ costs, but you‟d profit another $2,385 a day

This isn‟t even considering the fact that you could easily apply what you learn in as well for additional revenue streams!

All these moneys would be PURE 100% PROFITS!

Now, of course the only drawback is slight in that in the beginning you would have to pay for your costs. But if you put it on your credit card by the time the bill was due, you may have already generated enough initial cash to more than offset your Google ads‟ costs! (That‟s exactly what

I just really hope you fully recognize and fully appreciate the true and very significant genuine value of my secret.

Further, perhaps you can now see how I‟ve used this simple little secret to amass over $300 million in sales (as once you get the hang of this, you will start venturing out very quickly into other areas and markets and set up at least 1 lead-capture/squeeze page for each of countless campaigns you have going!)

Also, by now you can see why I was a little selfish and even a tad haughty about this “secret system” I created.

I did (as I still do now) see others utilizing this to some degree; but I suspect no one ever has fully developed it to the degree I have as I don‟t really think there are too many people out there making my claim to now well over $300 million in sales in the past 8 years or so online exclusively!

, since my fortune is not threatened by your success, I hereby invite YOU to reach my results, and who knows, maybe even far surpass me! …

Sincerely as sincerely can get,

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