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Not because I believe this gentleman doesn‟t have a right to his opinion (who‟s actually a great . Nope I believe everyone has a right to an opinion.

Now, you bought my SECRET for yourself, so I know without meeting you face to face that you want to save yourself the costs of your Google (and other targeted search engine advertisings you‟d otherwise be forced to pay for, right?)

And right now you have here in front of you exactly that!

So, I will tell you here and now, and REGARDLESS of what you may have heard, or who said what, or even if you hear to the contrary from some “expert”…

I wouldn‟t do that to you, as that‟s NOT the kind of person I am.

Until a few years ago when I could no longer endure giving “live” coaching events (as I‟m certainly no young „n any longer!) it was my greatest passion to teach this in seminars I held in downtown Times Square at a famous hotel and where I rightfully charged $5,000 per a single client and a guest!

You are getting in effect the same useful information in this very ebook that I used to charge $5,000 a client for!

The only thing missing is the “live” component (which I must admit does add a better learning integral than a mere ebook alone but still, you have here the sum of what people gladly paid not just one, but FIVE $1,000‟s for!)

  • A major International import watches distributor (I can‟t say who for confidentiality reasons)

  • Not just one, but 198 members of world-recognized Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies

  • Fourteen members of NYSE companies, and 82 members of NASDAQ companies

  • Five members of AMEX (American Stock Exchange) investment companies

  • Sixteen veterans of the US Armed Forces (two of which served in World War II)

  • The CEO (and his wife and 2 daughters; also officers) of a major pharmaceutical distributions company

  • And at least 1 former member of the United States Congress (who now operates a business online)

  • and many, many more!

However, due to being elderly and suffering a condition of my own, I no longer do the “seminar thing,” but have resolved to share my know-how by electronic and digital publishing means online

  • AND, most affordably

didn‟t have to pay $5,000 for this infor

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