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Forward What the experts are saying (and how to think for yourself!)

In the previous section we well established that this is very much and quite factually that this system is in no way any kind of scam.

However, let‟s quickly examine what a few “experts” are saying, and compare their notes among them…

Most people, although they would naturally and intuitively say „no‟ actually have far more confidence than not in people who are famous and well-know.

These are people just like you and me (not just people who you would think of as foolish; but rather they can just as easily be bright professionals as well as anyone else).

When I think of experts, I naturally think (at least in modern terms and current times) of such people like Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft™.

Bill Gates is quite a gentleman seeing as he forever changed the world in which we live.

His college boards alone (he‟s said to have scored 10,000 part of our population.

places him in the top 1-in-

This is extraordinary.

Yet, here is something Bill Gates once said even well after Microsoft™ was on its way proving to be a leader in the competitive computer-age:

No one will ever need more than 56K…

~Bill Gates Founder, Microsoft

  • and was he ever WRONG!

Yet Bill Gates is considered (by his own place in his own field, no less!) to be quite an authority on the subject of computers, software, and people‟s demand and usage of such (yet, this didn‟t stop him from being very, very wrong).

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