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However, Michael DOES say just before he claims I lied that…

It [Get Google Ads FREE!] seemed like it had a good concept at its core…”

So he does recognize my secret system as genuine; just claims he dismissed it based on his

erroneous conclusion that my claims of income were false (which they certainly are NOT!)

But what saddens me is that this seems much like an

on my credibility; and

when in reality at the very heart of all this I am really just someone who discovered a very simple method of making lots and lots of money very, very easily online – and who‟s just passing it on to others who I think deserve to gain its advantage as well as me.

t here’s PROOF that he (as well as many Internet “experts”) can be VERY WRONG immediately after making a forecast (just like Bill Gates when he said that whole thing about no one ever will need more than 56K, remember?)…

“…[N]ow the product‟s façade and credibility are tumbling like a deck of cards…”

[See above]

When Michael said this our “Gravity Score” at ClickBank (which means how many affiliates are

selling a product from their online catalog) was

(which in itself may actually be the highest

anyone‟s ever scored (but I‟m not sure; so don‟t quote me).

And while according to Michael our product was losing its credibility and tumbling like a deck of cards just a few days after he made his announcement our gravity score jumped all the way up to (probably the HIGHEST ever in the history of ClickBank!)

Don‟t tell Michael Cheney, but TODAY we‟re at


But what does this mean?

It means that an “expert” can be very, very wrong, and whether deliberately or not, can often MISLEAD everyone they come in contact with.

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