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Now, I don‟t want to add anything to this, but could it also be that since Michael Cheney and I both have product with the same online retailer, that maybe there‟s a tad of competitive jealousy?

I mean, we‟ve clearly established that there‟s no possible way he could “know” one way of the other, either favorably or otherwise about the authenticity of my claims. And he even admits my “concept‟s core” is very genuine. So what else could it be?

Now, I could go on and on about what this experts said and others, but at this point I would like to demonstrate one last thing about “human nature” before UNLEASHING on you my very real and factual SECRET…

The very day we released “Get Google Ads FREE!” to the general public within 36 hours a thread had formed at the Warrior Forum.

I for one endorse and even promote the free exchange of ideas and discussion as that‟s how we evolve in our knowledge.

But I sort of get disappointed in people when they just outright judge something or someone without any real evidence to support their claim. This is called a baseless opinion.

You should

take action based off something “baseless.” If you do, you may end

up either hurting yourself or someone else, looking like a fool, or doing some other horrible damage. If I as a doctor did this, imagine the dangers it could bring!

Keep in mind as I show you some “exchange of intellectual discussion” that my SECRET is in fact

a 21st-century “hybrid” of an old 19th- and 20th-century advertising strategy and as such, it is

what‟s called “

it‟s just now being applied to the Internet as a selling medium).

r Forum…

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