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The ability to start generating



The ability to finely tune your marketing efforts by

empirical information

compilation (i.e., with PPCs you can experiment in a „real-time‟ environment so that you can better hone your marketing science)

Equally as impressive the results of actual PPC selling is the fact that you can gain more meaningful data that will help you elsewhere as you may borrow from what you learn from this form of direct response marketing; such as in more effectively search engine optimizing any webpage (more on this shortly).

For these and other reasons, pay-per-clicks should not only never be overlooked in your promotional efforts as a very viable means of enhancing your online business, but you are also encouraged to make FULL use of them in anything you do as far as selling on the Internet!

But here‟s the ever rising concern with this type of advertising…

More and more PPCs are getting very expensive; often eliminating many people from even experimenting with them long enough to be able to:

  • a)

    learn sufficiently so they may

  • b)

    gain any real

their campaign to be able to perform as well, but for

that can be applied elsewhere

In other words, whenever you do any type of PPC advertising you need to be allowed sufficient time to adjust keywords bids, daily budgets, phrase matching dynamics, etc. so that you can play around with your campaign in such a way as to lower costs, yet still maintain high ranks.

For instance, a small group of Internet marketers (me included) deliberately bid higher at first and set our daily budgets unusually high so that we are assured instant front page placement; which in turn guarantees we get immediate click-throughs and traffic.

This causes search engine algorithms to begin compiling statistics very favorably for whatever campaigns we decide on.

After a short while (usually several weeks) sufficient

are then recorded in these search

engines, and such that we can begin daily budgets.

our bids slightly, as well as begin


When our ads don‟t fall in rank, we again make these same kinds of adjustments in both individual bids and daily budgets and until there may be a slight falling in our ads placement for any select keyword or phrase.

We then

off on any further adjustments to that ad, but only for that

keyword or

phrase; while still adjusting others a tad here and there until they do likewise.

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