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For instance, I work with SEOPs (





It‟s the constant job and challenge of all SEOPs to know inside and out.

(Search Engine Optimization)


‟ your site, for instance, you rely on them to modify your pages‟

so as to

help your pages climb naturally within the organic results at top search engines.

If these pros know what they are doing, you should be able to get high ranking organic results for most any pages.

If they don‟t, you are wasting your money on pseudo-experts!

One of the techniques used by SEOPs is to determine which keywords and keyword phrases are for applications in header-tags and other code locations within your HTML so that search

engine robots (called “spiders”) can start

meaningful data in such a way as to ensure

your pages climb very well within the organic ranks.

If this is done improperly your pages can be “punished;” but if done very well, the reward is a . (Ask yourself how do you think the results that appear at the top got that way?)

Therefore it is very crucial that only the most optimal selection of relevant keywords and phrases be used as now more and more search engines greatly limit your use of how many keywords and phrases you can use at these code locations.

So here‟s a really good time to explain to you how to help out your SEOPs (even though it‟s their job to know better than you ha!)

After a short while running and adjusting your PPC campaign, inside your PPC account it will show up the most clicked on keywords and phrases.

You should select perhaps the

keywords and phrases and work from these.

You should then look and see not only which ones make the TOP 10, but also examine which

among these TOP 10 have the

CTR ( lick hru


You see it‟s not enough just to make the TOP 10; each of these top performers must be

examined to include which ones also have the


When you‟ve selected the TOP 5 with the BEST CTR from among the TOP 10, then you will have the BEST relevant keywords and phrases that you can now use when SEOing (if that‟s something you may one day care to do in addition to PPC advertising).

But this is threw in free!)

required, nor a part of the

within this ebook (just a helpful and useful tip I

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