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The reason I appear to have gone on a slight tangent here is because what all I‟ve just told you will be of great use in your efforts when advertising FREE on such search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN (and others).

Even though you will no longer be too concerned with advertising costs associated with your PPC advertising, these strategies MUST nevertheless be mastered by you!

Now, before I tell you the that I have been using this

to advertising FREE with all PPCs, again allow me to point out in one form or another since the Internet first became

commercially available in 1995.

Additionally, I used this same

before the advent of the commercial Internet with BBSs.

And do you want to know to what degree I used my next to nothing? Well, over the last 16 years or so I have gotten over

  • -

    due completely to my amazing


I‟m about to just hand you for

in advertising completely FREE -

And I am just


Name anyone else on the entire planet that you know of that can honestly make a similar or equal claim!

You can‟t, can you?

Now, if all this doesn‟t get your attention and make you realize how significant my then you aren‟t impressed by anything.

truly is,

But you may be shocked now to learn exactly how I do this even to this very day…

Here‟s how my

1. I create a website, and make a

page; or sometimes a

page, or

possibly a

page; and for any product or offer I may choose.


I then apply the SAME principles above for determining the BEST keywords and keyword

phrases, most optimal (lowest yet effective)

, and most optimal (yet still front page


; and for that particular page (i.e., doorway, lead-capture and/or

splash pages).


O n c e I h a v e d e t e r m i n e d t h e e x a c t c o s t s ( i . e . , b i d s a n d d a i l y b u d g e t s m i n i m u m s ) a n d f o r ALL relevant keywords and phrases, I take this total cost and multiply it by days

maximum (for the greatest number of days in a month possible) and get a maximum monthly PPC advertising cost.


I then (for simplicity‟s sake) divide this amount by a possible on this same doorway page.

spots I choose to sell off

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