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Now, on the

for Small Business Opportunities (SBO) Magazine notice that a

1/24th of a page ad regularly costs $656 per issue.

Had you multiplied this amount by 24 (so as to equal a whole page) this comes to:

(if you bought the entire page in 1/24th segments at a time)



per page by buying the whole page at a time, and doing it per a year‟s

worth of issues by contract.


can now sell off individual spots on any page they buy and very quickly, simply by selling

it for LESS than what someone would be forced to buy it if they paid themselves directly to the magazine, yet still get the SAME readership (which in Net terminology would be “traffic”).

won‟t have a hard time selling off this space as:

Advertisers will be getting the same ad space but much, much less from Wolf Yet in so doing they will be getting the same level of exposure!


will of course far exceed just recovering their costs; see an example if they sell off the

usual $656 spots for as little as $375 each what would happen:

24 spots sold x $375 each = $9,000 (and remember: Wolf pays just $7,654 per page; so they actually PROFIT the difference, and which comes to:

$1,346 per page (and they buy literally several pages per issue and in up to 15 or so different publications (so you see how they can generate quite a fantastic monthly income!)

If they just average for instance, a $1,000 profit per page, and do this for 3 pages per each monthly issue, and times just 10 different publications similarly, they‟d be making a profit of:

$1,000 x 3 x 10 =

(or $360,000 a year!)

And again, all they‟re doing is just buying low, and selling off higher

On the pages to follow I show you two prime examples of Wolf‟s awesome system…

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