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So we‟ve established that this works very well (and has been doing so actually as an advertising strategy since perhaps before the 1800‟s!) and it‟s not theoretical but very factual.

So, how does this compare by analogy online to paid-for highly-targeted search engine advertising?

Instead of “magazine” pages we have webpages (specifically I‟ve found to work BEST actual lead-capture devices called “Squeeze Pages” to maximize the leads into greater leverage from the resulting traffic!)

Instead of small display ads we have button banner and regular banner ads

Instead of magazine readership we have online traffic

In a nutshell…

Your advertisers are happy because they get to enjoy your higher-priced powerful traffic streams as your traffic sees also their banner ads and clicks (I even proved that having as many as 25 banner ads didn‟t dilute much the success of each individual ad)

Google (and all the other search engines you use for this) are happy because the STILL get paid and it even boosts their revenues (Recall I told you at the site that my secret actually doesn‟t rob Google at all, but actually stimulates even MORE revenue for them – well now you know how this is possible!)

And of course YOU are happy because:

1. You suffer NO ad costs as my secret allows you to eliminate it completely (and perhaps even make a profit further!)

2. Your main offer rides in the middle

This is probably one of the only examples of a true and genuine “win-win-win” situation or scenario.

Few other things offer so much an all-inclusion of success as my secret herein demonstrated.

Most of the time someone is forced to lose; but in all my years doing this it‟s hardly ever happened.

You can start very small if you want using as few as a single keyword, and then increasing as time goes by (and as well as in how much you charge others to advertise on your page!)

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