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By providing such placement options as one day or one week, you are more likely to attract constant advertisers as they feel they are at far less risk than a monthly obligation.

Also, these smaller terms of placement allow them to

your page for advertising effectiveness;

and if favorable, they will naturally elect to renew their advertising with you but for a full month.

Keep in mind that to offset any one doorway page you can sell-off as few as

spaces based on

how we calculated your ad selling prices above (and selling off just 10 spaces and keeping them

full before such a vast audience is EASY!)

Say for instance you determine 300 keywords are relevant to your lead-capture‟s page promotion,

and at an average CPC (



lick) of perhaps 50¢ each.

Further, let‟s assume you received from these 300 keywords some 100 clicks daily; and which at an average of 50¢ each would mean your PPC advertising daily cost would be just $50 a day.

This of course comes to $50 x 31 =

a month.

Dividing by just 10 spots we decide to make available (minimum) we get


U s i n g o u r f o r m u l a a b o v e f o r d e t e r m i n i n g o u r l o w e r a n d u p p e r s e l l - o f f a d c o s t s , w e m u l t i p l y $ 1 5 5 (which we always round to something by 1.25 and 1.5 to get a lower sell-off cost of

ending in the number 7), so we get

; and an upper sell-off cost of

; which we round



We know that by selling off our 10 spots minimum for between $197 and $237 we are sure to more than offset OUR pay-per-click monthly costs for this particular advertising campaign.

Why do I arbitrarily use 1.25 and 1.5 as lower- and upper-multipliers?

To more than ensure a surplus in the event not every spot should sell.

Why do I refer to the number of spots minimum as 10?

Because you will want to sell AT LEAST this amount; and therefore base all ad prices on this as a minimum as a form of insurance in that you know that you can sell at least this many spots.

Why a lower- and upper-sell-off limit?

You‟ll want to start by offering your ad spaces for your UPPER limit; and in the event they are tough to sell off, or if you sell of 5 and have 5 left they are slower to sell off, you can use the lower limit as a minimum amount to work towards just in case.

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