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Why set or round up to even amounts ending in the number 7?

Well first off, no one likes loose change; so never sell at any price that adds frustration to someone trying to balance their checkbook (they may see this ahead of time and just decide it‟s easier not to buy). Secondly (and this may shock and even surprise you!) but a lot of psychological study went into price theory and price perception, and the number 7 is thought of as “less threatening as any other number.” Make all your prices end in 7s.

If you sell off all 10 spots at your upper limit of $237, you make a gross monthly revenue of $2,370; and if at your lower limit of $197 you make $1,970; and if at your average of both lower- and upper-limits (i.e., $217), you‟d make $2,170 for the month.

SUBTRACTING your PPC costs from this (i.e., $1,550 a month) and you get a surplus of:

(upper limit) (average) (lower limit)

Regardless of which of the above is closest to your experience, you can plainly see that YOUR PPC costs are completely covered; meaning YOU at least got to advertise for FREE!

This is my

And I‟ve been using this, and a variety of twists and spin-offs of it, for about 16 years now; and to

the tune of

in FREE advertising! (In case you didn‟t do the math that averages to

nearly $5.5 million a year in free advertising! – and I‟ve been getting most recently for a

combination of several of my most aggressive campaigns over advertising alone!)

a year in Google PPC

Wouldn‟t YOU like to get this same level of advertising? Of course you would, so you should hold on and cherish this ebook and add it to your existing arsenal and library of “favorites!”

Basically, you will simply be selling off leftover space (either at the bottom, top, and/or side sections) of your gateway pages to any main offer you have.

YOUR AD or OFFER will ALSO appear on those pages; and will show usually more prominently than any other advertisers (and so as not to “dwarf” your own promotion).

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