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One mistake I see constantly other PPC advertisers doing is clinging to non-performing keywords.


let these got as they can ruin your best efforts.

Why? -- Because they effect your statistics.

They quite literally pull down your CTR (Clickthrough Rate) so that your ads in general will perform worse.

S t a r t o u t u s i n g a s m a n y k e y w o r d s a s y o u t h i n k a r e r e l e v a n t , a n d

then keep a

on them inside your PPC account (Google or

otherwise) to see which ones go to the

, and which ones don‟t; and more

importantly: which ones get absolutely NO clicks even with some impressions

(i.e., how often your ad appeared for any select keyword).

As soon as several days have gone by while your PPC ads were active, check your account and

immediately start editing out (by impressions and yet NO clicks.

) the keywords and phrases that are getting

Allow a few more days to pass, and then

from those remaining.

Don‟t have an ego here; it‟s better to have a

great super-performing keywords than a

massive amount that do nothing but inflate your ego as you think to yourself “Wow! Look at me … I have so many keywords I must be fabulous!”

To generate as many potential relevant keywords and keyword phrases as possible, you need to make use of 2 FREE and yet very amazing tools.

They are offered FREE by both Overture and Google; and of course they are great tools because both these prime top-pulling search engines want your business, so they have created the BEST

to allow YOU (their potential advertiser) to generate only the most optimal list of keywords that will make your PPC campaign a surefire success.

It stands to reason that these tools are excellent, because if your PPC campaign doesn‟t perform well, then you will undoubtedly discontinue advertising in this way.

Perhaps the greatest advantage in all of this (as well as Internet marketing in general) is the fact that UNLIKE any other business venue in the world the Web lets you “KNOW” relatively QUICK whether you have a winner or a loser on your hands.

In lending consulting I‟ve noticed that sometimes clients grow impatient with results. I then point out quite calmly “Look, you can always start a traditional offline business such as a retail store

hands then” … to which they usually get the point and realize that a few days or weeks to test out stuff online isn‟t a really big demand (or risk!) at all.

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