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This system is similar to an ever self-fueling fire in that the high-volume traffic generates the most coveted positions, and the most coveted positions generate the greatest desire to advertise there; which in turn attracts those advertisers who in turn end up paying for YOUR ADVERTISING which is the real to all of this as you end up getting PPCs for FREE!

With a

, and applied to several campaigns, you can very soon MASTER my

to the point that you can jumpstart and promote ANY thing you ever could possibly imagine online!

Now you can see why I‟ve owned 16 separate online businesses over the past 9 years, ranging in every conceivable category of products, and how I was able to get many millions in advertising -- but for FREE!

And NOW you understand why I‟ve been able to secure over FREE advertising!

in the past 16 years in

And NOW you understand how I‟ve managed to get most recently

a year in Google

PPCs alone! – And again, I‟m just


If anyone ever asked me to do PPCs any other way, I‟d say “Forget it!”


Sure, there will be the unfortunately unavoidable pessimists who‟ll say “Yeah, your system sounds all good … but what if no one buys your ad spots?”


“Yeah, and what if one day the land where you live opens up and swallows you and your family up, what‟s the point then of mortgaging your home?” (See; how ridiculous!)

“I‟ve been doing this online for 9 years alone and have had advertise (and because I‟ve worked out MY FORMULA [above] what to charge, I never have any worries as I *KNOW* I‟ll sell eliminate my costs, but also make a very HUGE profit as a result!)”

And whatever you do, DON‟T become one of these types of pessimists.

They ALWAYS think that their failures are the result of other people faults.

They never seen the pattern of their own self-destructive behavior as they incorrectly assume that the reason things didn‟t work out for them must have been due to someone else.

I‟ve been doing this system (i.e., my

) for years upon years.

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