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I discovered this quite by accident when I starting making ad spots.

by selling off

It suddenly hit me one day that I could remove altogether my main offer (usually in the middle part or at LEFT on the gateway page) and I‟d still be able to sell spots!

Then I decided to test this by creating a money online.”

with an article I wrote on “making

I borrowed some article content after having purchased some private label reprint rights, and used this as the main piece.

I then situated several banners around it that I got after joining several free affiliate programs.

I figured if any of them sold anything I‟d at least make some money, right?

Your Ad Here Now!

This is a very LIMITED spot Get it NOW before it’s gone! Click here!

And over several days people started sending me emails and wanted the spot.

I sold 18 spots for $247 each, meaning I made


Since I was spending just $68 a day (or $2,108 monthly) for 38 top performing keywords and phrases, I was realizing a monthly gross profit of over $2,300.

And the funniest part of all this was that I didn‟t have any product of my own yet I was making money from a single genre!

And as you might have already guessed, I decided to try this same thing but with different

categories (genres).

So I developed what I called “

” of keywords and phrases.

I would simply pick something like “cellphones” and then write a some top features of the latest cellphones.


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