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I haven‟t provided any settings (i.e., defaults or individual keywords or phrases bids) for the immediately above list as I have never used this one. This one is just one that is being used for a

number of the more powerful money making opportunities offers


Therefore, my recommendation is to start at perhaps a


, and then depending on the individual performance of each one above


While some “experts” say start low and work your way up in bids,

. This will

limit your exposure at first and you won‟t get as many clicks. Google‟s algorithms are based on

,” meaning

will help and actually enhance your


So rather than starting low,

if you can afford it


that you get TOP PAGE PLACEMENT, and

; and thus

Google‟s algorithms beginning to work

as you develop a fantastic clickthrough history.

Then once you‟ve secured TOP placement, and see if it holds. If it does,


less per keyword or phrase)

and again check to see if it holds its position. If it

does, then continue in this way until you are paying way less, but still maintaining a

p o s i t i o n ( i . e . ,



Allow sufficient time (usually 10 days or more) to gain “algorithmic momentum” within Google‟s system, and then start shaving back gradually about 5¢ at a time each bid amount. HOLD for at least 48 hours to see if this has a noticeable effect on your ranks (i.e., in terms of page and position on that page); and if it does instantly return to your former bid setting for that keyword(s) or phrase(s).

If no noticeable change in the form of lowing either or both your ad‟s position on any given page or the page number occurs, remain for about 4-5 days allowing Google‟s algorithms to adjust and compile even more favorable statistical histories on your ad‟s performance; then REPEAT shaving 5¢ per keyword and phrase per bid, and watch carefully for any negative changes.

After a few of these “shavings and holds” you can eventually get your bids down, down, down to a small percentage of what you started with; and most often beaten your competitors who have lesser rank, yet who are paying MORE because they didn‟t know how to start high, shave bids, then hold, then repeat!

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