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You of course would charge more depending on the size of your list; and you may want to test various prices to see what you can get and how much people are willing to pay.

But this isn‟t your only consideration: Your list must also pull for them at least enough to allow them to recover their investment. (If not, they could reverse or dispute charges resulting in you losing your ability to take payments online!)

Every month prepare to update all 7-issues with a header you call the “Sponsored Advertiser‟s .”

You can format it between a set of dotted lines to look like this:

>>>>-----<<<Sponsored Advertiser‟s Section>>>---<<<

MAKE MONEY ONLINE! New exciting opportunity in the now multi-billion dollar vitamin industry! Pays 15 levels deep! Plus Infinity Bonuses of 1.28% Guaranteed forced 3 x 15 matrix opportunity! Includes FREE Website at sign-up! Just go now to: www.URLofAdvertiserHere.com


The above is a paid advertisement. Please do not contact us regarding any questions you may have concerning this ad as all such inquiries will be wholly ignored. Instead, contact the advertiser directly. Thank you. -Mgt

[Then the rest of your newsletter below here…]

To get clients/advertisers, simply include an ad in every outgoing issue that reads…

*************************************** >>> YOUR AD featured here! <<< --------------------------------------------- In our next updated monthly issue! Place you ad in our now daily 500 opportunity audience for 1 full month for ONLY $197. Email us at: news-ads@yourURLhere.com ***************************************

The well as within your and then some!

of selling off BOTH banner and text-link space on your


is sure to more than offset all your advertising costs,

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