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Sounds impressive, doesn‟t it?

But really, it‟s just another way of saying viral

the „virus‟ implication).

Fortunately, there are now some really excellent ways of using auto-effective marketing systems so that you pay nothing for advertising!

Like any other type of formula, they contain multiple ingredients; and likewise if you subtract any 1 or more parts of the whole, you begin to rob the system of its ability to perform optimally (if at


Another way of saying this is that these “formulas” are

; meaning the sum of the

whole exceeds the sum of the parts (i.e., 1 + 1 + 1 = 3; but somehow when combined they


to equal perhaps 5, 6 or even 8 or 9…)

An example of this from chemistry would be taking

(potassium nitrate),


, which by themselves add up to just three ingredients; but when combined chemically (in

15:3:2 ratios respectively)

which can explode.

This is an example of “


Likewise, auto-effective free advertising when combined make them work

contain several-fold „parts‟ or „ingredients‟ that (at least in terms of advertising and marketability).

Here‟s just 1 formula I recommend:

Build a Place a Add a

for yourself (in your own domain & hosting) at the UPPER LEFT

( i . e . ,

; and from between


Have a message (either in video or written, or BOTH!) that reads in effect that you will giveaway a cash prize or an Amazon gift certificate to several lucky winners who are

automatically entered because they used your TAF option by forwarding your lead- capture page on to others! Actually giveaway every few months up to .

This becomes one of the MOST POWERFUL marketing weapons you can ever add to your arsenal of selling instruments and tools!

I‟ve used this, and done modified versions of this to make for myself millions!

And none of it was difficult in the least you just have to decide to do it!

The beauty here is that all the technology necessary to build this easily and simply is all over the Internet just for you to take; much of it is at “open source” sites like the Open Source Project!

I suggest you look around the Web and bookmark sites that have the components you require for this and other selling devices you can construct.

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