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interaction with no pressure to meet anyone’s expectations!

24.Look at the stars and the moon. It can be a very humbling experience to lay on a blanket with your hands behind your head and gaze up into the night sky. It’s more than humbling; it’s downright beautiful and relaxing!

Just the other night, my grandson and I got a blanket out and lay in the yard looking at the moon going behind the clouds and gazing at the stars. He’s only three, so it’s a fascinating experience for him, but looking at the sky through his eyes made it even more fascinating for me.

I could feel all my worries melting away as we chatted about the astronauts that get to see the stars close up and how big the universe is while we remain so small. When you look at the vastness of the sky, you realize that our problems are small compared to that. I also get great comfort from seeing that one bright star in the sky that is always above my house.

When my best friend’s mother died, we got out of the car after coming from her visitation and my friend’s five-year old and I stopped to star gaze. She pointed out one particular star and said “That’s my grandma. She’s our guardian angel now.” Every time I see that star, I know Cheryl’s there and she’ll help get me through anything!

25.Treat yourself to some comfort food. But be careful or over-eating could become your big stressor. Enjoy in moderation and make yourself feel better.

I love mashed potatoes and gravy and macaroni and cheese. Those are my comfort foods. But I make sure that I don’t overdo it. I give myself just enough to bring on that calming feeling.

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