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People will like you for who you are and not simply for what you do. You deserve to take time to yourself, to say NO, and to take care of yourself without feeling guilty. It’s within your reach to change - one small step at a time!

I think most people would be in complete agreement when I make this next statement. McDonald’s had it right – You Deserve A Break Today!


So often, we know inside ourselves that we need a break. That break might be a full-fledged vacation or a weekend getaway. Either way, getting out of the daily grind can be amazingly liberating and a huge way to get rid of stress and anxiety.

Unfortunately, many people think they can’t take the time to get away. This is toxic thinking. Get out and get away!

How many times have you continued working, knowing that you are not giving 100% to the task at hand? How many times have you read or written the same sentence over and over again, as your mind keeps wandering and thinking about other things? How often have you wanted to take a break from the family or kids but feared the consequences of doing so? It’s time for a break!

Why do we not allow ourselves the time to take a ‘time out’? Perhaps we feel like we don’t deserve it or that there’s just too much to be done. There are many genuine reasons for needing to complete jobs and tasks; however we may also on occasion have ‘hidden agendas’ as to why we cannot stop for a break. Why?

It could be ego. Some people simply enjoy boasting about, ‘how late they had to work in order to complete a

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