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Life Options Catalog of Materials



Working Effectively with Your Dialysis Team

Published in Nephrology News & Issues All back issues can be downloaded from the Life Options website

This 32-minute tape features real patients talking about how to feel better and live longer. In five short sections, doctors, nurses, and patients talk about becoming a member of the team, who’s on the team, how to participate in care, communications between patients and staff, and communica- tions from staff to patients. Patients offer helpful tips on when and how to ask ques- tions, self-care, and how to have a better life with kidney disease.

Renal Rehabilitation Report

(quarterly newsletter)

The Renal Rehabilitation Report is an information-filled, quarterly newsletter for dialysis profes- sionals and patients interested in renal rehabilitation. Issues include regular reports on research, policy issues, and

stories about successful renal rehabilitation initiatives on a local, regional, and national basis. For topline research findings and educational arti- cles about renal rehabilitation, the Renal Rehabilitation Report is an excellent resource.

Voices of Experience: Personal Stories


This 90-minute audiotape features inter- views with four long-term dialysis patients who are getting the most out of life while living with kidney disease. Listening to Mike, Stan, Nancy, and Kathy is a rare opportunity for patients to get straight answers from those with firsthand experience. These individuals have strong opinions about the importance of learning about dialysis, taking an active role in their treatment, and the power of positive thinking.

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A Guide for People on Dialysis

This 30-minute video presentation is a companion to the patient exercise book- let. It features conversations with dialysis patients about the benefits of exercise, as well as easy-to-follow demonstrations. All of the strength and flexibility exercis- es recommended in the patient booklet are shown in this video.

Professional Materials


Keys to a Long Life:



Idea Guide

This 19-page booklet is the staff component of the new Life Options Keys to a Long Life program of educational and motiva- tional materials for patients. (See Patient Materials section.)

The guide includes detailed descriptions of all the Keys materials, tips on how to use them, a discussion guide for the Keys patient video, and a compre hensive list of additional patient education materials.

Unit Self-Assessment Manual for Renal Rehabilitation

Assessment is the logical first step for any dialysis unit interested in starting or improv- ing renal rehabilitation program- ming. This 38-page manual is the complete guide to the use and interpretation of the Life Options Unit Self-Assessment

Tool for Renal Rehabilitation (USAT). The manual covers a range of important topics, including the rationale for unit self-assessment, a description of the USAT criteria, an explanation of scoring, suggested action steps based on scores, and tips for use of the USAT.



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