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Life Options Catalog of Materials



Living with Dialysis:

Getting the Most Out of Life

For Renal Professionals:

In this 40-minute video, six dialysis patients share how they get the most out of life on dialysis. Inspiring yet practical, this video offers a close- up look into the lives of people who refuse to let dialysis hold

them back. Divided into five short segments, this video can be watched all at once or a little at a time. It will get patients thinking and talking about what they can do to live long and live well on dialysis.

For the Nephrologist:

Caring for People with Kidney Failure

This 11-minute video— designed to orient nephrology fellows—briefly reviews steps physicians can take to help their patients achieve success- ful rehabilitation. Concise yet pow- erful, this video stresses the role of the physician in setting expecta-

tions, conveying information, and involving the patient as a partner in decision-making. Narrated by reha- bilitation expert and emeritus LORAC member Christopher Blagg, MD, this video features compelling statements from patients revealing what they want from their doctors.

Working Effectively with Your Dialysis Patients

This lively 25-minute audiocassette is the perfect companion while driving to work or during another learning time. Doctors, nurses, social workers and patients give practical advice in four sections: chronic vs. acute disease, patients as your partners, improving your communication with patients, and getting through to your patients. Never preachy, and always positive, the tape is easy listening with real-life stories and helpful tips to make your work with patients more rewarding for you both.


Exercise for the Dia ysis Patient

For Professionals:

Exercise for the Dialysis Patient: A Guide for the Nephrologist

Exercise for the Dialysis Patient: A Prescribing Guide

Exercise for the Dialysis Patient: A Guide for the Dialysis Team

Exercise for the Dialysis Patient: A ideo Guide for the Dia ysis Team

Because physical activity is an essential component of successful renal rehabili- tation, Life Options has produced a mul- tifaceted exercise program for dialysis units and the patients they serve. Individual booklets and videos available include:

For Patients:

  • Exercise: A Guide for People on



Year after Year. . .

A Good Life on Dialysis

How Do People Live Long and Live Well on Dialysis?

Brighten everyone’s mood with this color- ful, full- sized poster (22" x 34"). Printed in Spanish as well as English, the poster features photos of five active patients: proof positive that

life on dialysis can be full and productive. Just looking at these inspiring role mod- els will give patients and staff a boost. The patients depicted are from diverse backgrounds, and each one has made a good life on dialysis—some for more than 20 years!

Latisha, Jean, and Harold give simple and positive advice on a colorful poster that will catch everyone’s eye in the dialysis center. The 22" x 34" poster features

inspiring photos of the three active patients. Large-type patient quotations talk about keeping a positive attitude, getting answers to questions, and taking action. Printed in Spanish as well as English, the poster is an upbeat message for every setting.



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