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Poem in the background is by Hafiz

From Torkham to Herat

For a country as closed and remote as Afghanistan, not a great deal is known to the outside world. Afghanistan has over its long history been a 'highway of conquest' between West, Central and Southern Asia. In this Itinerary we bring you cross-country: from the Pakistani border to the Iranian border giving you the opportunity to see a cross-section of Afghanistan. We will travel across several provinces, see different towns and all the beauty in between. This trail is ideal for those on a journey from India through Pakistan and on to Iran or reverse.


Pick-up in Turkham, Pakistani border

and on to Kabul We will meet you at the Turkham border and drive to Kabul; we kindly request that you arrange your arrival at Turkham Border, not later then 8:00 am, as you will have a 8-hour drive to Kabul ahead, were we will arrive in the late afternoon and transfer you to your guesthouse. In the later afternoon and early evening you may chose to visit one or the other of the sights introduced here.— Bear in mind that you might come back to Kabul for more sight-seeing if you do not proceed to Iran


West Kabul, Darulaman Palace & Kabul Museum

And your Afghan adventure begins with exploring some of the major sites in Kabul.

We will start in West Kabul, this part of the city saw some of the worst distraction that the in-fighting brought between the Mujaheddin factions. Here we will stop to see Darulaman Palace. It was built by King Amanullah in 1920, it was once a impressive 4mile avenue leading up to the palace. Today it lies in ruins, but still impres- sive, you can get ready your cameras and we will try going into the once great palace if we can.


Babur Gardens

Just around the side is Kabul Museum, it was once hailed as one of the great museums of the world. But the Taliban decided to destroy all none Islamic statues & objects & left the museum in ruins - there are still some Greek/Bactrian & Buddhists artifacts that can be seen.

The gardens were built in the mid-16th century at the be- hest of the first Mogul emperor of India, Zahir-ed-Din Mohammad Babur Shah and remain one of the few cul- tural landscapes in Afghanistan to retain their original shape.


Television Mountain, Chicken Street

The entrance to the gardens is from the Sarak-e-Chilsitun main road that runs in front of the mountain. The gardens start out as as a gentle climb up the mountainside. The last stretch is steeper, but it is worth going all the way up. Tucked away on the final terrace at the top is the tomb of the former king himself, Babur Shah. Just below them is a wonderful little marble mosque built by Babur’s succes- sor, Shah Jahan, also dating from mid-1600. There is a restaurant is towards the top end of the gardens with a breath-taking view over Kabul below and the mountains beyond. The Great Babur had two wishes, he asked to be buried in the gardens he loved so much upon his death, which was in 1530 in Agra & was move from India to Kabul & that nothing should cover his grave. This was honoured until Nadir Shah decided to build a small pavilion over it. Now it has been restored to its original glory following his last wish.

Now this will be the place to go for an overall view of Ka- bul, from here you will see how enormous Kabul is. Good way to orientated yourself about the city.

After driving down from the Mountain, we will spend some time in the curiosity shops in Chicken Street which is the main shopping area for most of the international commu- nities. Here you will find everything from Carpets, jewelry, antiques & many more. You never know what you might find in Chicken Street.

We head back to the guesthouse for some R&R and get ready for our early departure out of Kabul the next day.

Note: If your arrival happens to be on a Friday get ready to for a buzkashi game in the stadium, a visit to these games is a must see. (Buzkashi which literally translated means “Goat Grabbing”)

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