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A.  Census Definitions

Income of households.  This includes the income of the householder and all other individuals 15 years old and over in the household, whether they are related to the householder or not.

Income of families.  The incomes of all members 15 years old and over related to the householder are summed and treated as a single amount.  

Median income.  The median divides the income distribution into two equal parts:  one half of the cases falling below the median income and one-half above the median.  

Per capita income.  The mean income computed for every man, woman, and child in a particular group (dividing the total income of a particular group by the total population in that group).

Industry.  The classification system consists of 265 categories for employed people, classified into 14 major industry groups (developed from the 1997 North American Industry Classification System, NAICS).

Occupation.  Consists of 509 specific occupational categories for employed people arranged into 23 major occupational groups (developed based on the Standard Occupational Classification, SOC, Manual: 2000).

Poverty Status.  The Census Bureau uses the federal government’s official poverty definition.  The Social Security Administration developed the original poverty definition in 1964, revised in 1969 and 1980. . . . Since the UDSA’s 1955 Food Consumption Survey showed that families of three or more people across all income levels spent roughly one-third of their income on food, the SSA multiplied the cost of the Economy Food Plan by three to obtain dollar figures for the poverty thresholds.  Poverty thresholds vary by family size and composition.  Poverty thresholds are revised annually to allow for changes in the cost of living as reflected in the Consumer Price Index.  The poverty thresholds are the same for all parts of the country – they are not adjusted for regional, state, or local variations in the cost of living.  The weighted average threshold for 3-person families was $13,032 for three adults; $13,410 for 2 adults and a child; and $13,423 for 2 children and 1 adult.  

Appendix A, cont.

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