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B.  An Explanation of Claritas™ Household PRIZM Groups Related to 5.10 Lifestyles (Claritas™: Indiana, 2001)

South Bend city, IN

Mishawaka city, IN

St. Joseph County, IN

Based upon census data and demographic projections, the Claritas™ PRIZM segmentation system analyzes every neighborhood in the United States according to the opportunities and the influences which impact its residents.  Claritas™ has defined 62 different types of neighborhoods, which they call “clusters.” The cluster concept is based on the assumption that “Birds of a feature flock together.”  The clusters are defined based on “similarities in income, education, and household type, as well as attitudes and product preferences.” (Mitchell 1995)  These clusters are, in turn, assigned to 15 broader categories called Social Groups.  An objective of this analysis is to determine demographic variables and lifestyle characteristics to explain customer profile differences.  While the driving impetus behind this data is commercial for-profit business, its application value is not limited to that sector.  We offer this information in the County Profile Series for its application in the service of prevention.

The following 15 PRIZM social groups, which are referenced in this County Profile,  are defined largely by degree of urbanization, from the rural countryside to the urban high-rise, and by degree of socioeconomic status determined by such factors as income, education, occupation and home value.  Within any one of the 15 social groups, clusters can exhibit very different habits.  Studying the details of the PRIZM groups and clusters can inform marketing, advertising, and other planning decisions.

It should be noted that, with reference to degree of urbanization, the term “second city” refers to cities that are not characterized by urban living.  These cities are also called “edge cities” because life there is somewhere in between the styles of life in an urban metropolitan city like Chicago or New York and life in a rural country setting.  (Mitchell 1995)

The following descriptions are based upon information contained in Summary Lifestyle Descriptions: PRIZM Cluster Narratives (Claritas 2000).


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