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An Explanation of Claritas™ Household PRIZM Groups Related to 5.10 Lifestyles (Claritas™: Indiana, 2001)

South Bend city, IN

Mishawaka city, IN

St. Joseph County, IN

S1.  Elite Suburbs

This PRIZM social group is characterized by high levels of education, income, investments and expenditures.   There are five clusters identified within this group.  Many live in suburbs of major metropolitan cities.  They tend to be much more liberal than the C1 group described below.  Outside of these shared characteristics, the five clusters in this S1 group differ markedly.

U1.  Urban Uptown

This PRIZM group is also characterized by affluence and is in second place after the S1 group for this feature.  An indication of the density of market concentration in this group is the fact that 94% of all households fall into the 10 top television markets.  Over the past 20 years, the clusters in this group have included many executives and professionals from the fields of finance, business, education and entertainment.  Recently the clusters in this group have seen the addition of wealthy Eastern European, Asian and Middle Eastern immigrants.  

C1.  2nd City Society

This PRIZM group is characterized by high levels of education and income and by the fact that they occupy the top economic rung in hundreds of so-called “second” cities and “satellite” cities.   Highly educated, they also have large incomes.   Most are home-owners.  They hold executives and professional positions in local businesses, in finance, health, law, communications and wholesale.   They tend to be much more conservative than suburban peers from the S1 group.  There are three clusters in this group.

Appendix B, cont.

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