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An Explanation of Claritas™ Household PRIZM Groups Related to 5.10 Lifestyles (Claritas™: Indiana, 2001)

South Bend city, IN

Mishawaka city, IN

St. Joseph County, IN

T1.  Landed Gentry

This is the third most common social group in Indiana.  The persons in the four clusters that comprise this PRIZM group are dispersed across the country over a wide geographic area.  They constitute the fourth wealthiest PRIZM group.  They are characterized by large families with multiple incomes with school-aged children.  Heads of household are well-educated executives and professional.  This group is dominated by so-called “techies.”  For the most part, these households reside far from the country’s major metro areas, in gorgeous areas along the coast and in our uplands.   

S2.  The Affluentials

The 3rd most common social group in the U.S., this PRIZM group is made up of households living in the major metro area suburbs and having upper middle incomes.  They comprise the fifth wealthiest group.  They have incomes that are above-average and above-average rentals.  Their residences include homes, condos and apartments.  Their wide ranging careers include business, public service and technical positions.  They commute daily.  In other ways the five clusters in this group differ widely  

S3.  Inner Suburbs

This PRIZM group is characterized by being middle income in the suburbs of major metro areas.  Their incomes hover right about the U.S. average.  In other ways the four clusters in this social group are very different from one another.  Two clusters feature college-educated, white-collar workers, while the other two tend to have high school education and be blue-collar employees.  Two clusters are young,  one old, the other mixed ages.  But each of the four clusters has a distinct employment pattern, lifestyle and geographic location.

Appendix B, cont.

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