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An Explanation of Claritas™ Household PRIZM Groups Related to 5.10 Lifestyles (Claritas™: Indiana, 2001)

South Bend city, IN

Mishawaka city, IN

St. Joseph County, IN

R1.  Country Families

More households in Indiana belong to this group than to any other.  This PRIZM group has recently come to rival the S3, U2, C2 and T2 groups in terms of their midscale affluence and, because their cost of living tends to be lower, they suffer poverty less than these other four groups.   Country families are found widely dispersed across the country in small towns and in remote exurban centers, they fall into all but a few of the television markets.  They are characterized as married couples with children, white, and working in industrial and agricultural employments.  They are home owners and owners of mobile homes.

U3.  Urban Cores

This PRIZM group suffers the highest poverty ratios and has the lowest income of any PRIZM group.  The clusters in the U2 group tend to live in big cities in communities described as multi-racial, multi-lingual, with dense population in rental properties (either rowhouses or high-rise apartments).   They are characterized by high numbers of single people, single-parents with very young children, and high rates of unemployment.

C3.  2nd City Blues

This is the second most common social group among Indiana households.  This PRIZM group is characterized by residence in downtown neighborhoods in the nation’s numerous so-called second cities that are found in the fringes of major metro areas.  Because the cost of living in their neighborhoods is lower, the persons in the four clusters of the C3 group enjoy more affluence compared to the U3 group, which resides in the bigger cities.  While there are some places with unemployment, “broken homes,” and single-parent households, this group also includes a wide spectrum of employment from agriculture to office, retail, clerical, transportation, public service and private sector service.

Appendix B, cont.

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