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An Explanation of Claritas™ Household PRIZM Groups Related to 5.10 Lifestyles (Claritas™: Indiana, 2001)

South Bend city, IN

Mishawaka city, IN

St. Joseph County, IN

T3.  Working Towns

This PRIZM group is found in exurban and remote towns and in so-called “satellite” towns that are located outside major metro areas and also outside so-called “second cities.”  In general, this group is considered to be better off compared to the U3 and C3 social groups.  All four clusters of the T3 group tend to have lower educational attainment and incomes and to work in blue collar jobs.  They typically own or rent single-family homes in the midst of beautiful scenery.  They enjoy attending religious services.  They tend to like doing crafts.  In other respects, the four clusters in this group are quite different from one another.  

R2.  Heartlanders

This PRIZM group is said to represent the agrarian heartland of the nation.  They are found in the Great Plains and in South Central, Mountain and Pacific regions, and in a few isolated locales in the East.  Comparatively self-sufficient, the five clusters in this group enjoy a low cost of living.  Their families tend to be multi-generational and live in low-density settings in houses and mobile homes.  The persons in this group include extremely independent Hispanic/Latinos and Native Americans.

R3.  Rustic Living

A higher percent of households in the United States belong to this group than to any other.  This PRIZM group is characterized by lower middle income and low cost of living.  They are viewed as a promising market for businesses.  They live in the very numerous remote towns, hamlets, villages and reservations spread across the country.  Married couples and elders share mobile homes, help raise children, and maintain carpools.  Employment features craftsmen, agricultural labor, mining, construction and transportation.

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