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2.  PREV-STAT™: Overview, cont.

These County Profiles offer statistics at the county level with comparisons to the State of Indiana and U.S.   In addition, for many variables there are tables listing statistics by block groups (neighborhoods) for the entire county demonstrate the wide diversity that exists within each county and identifies where in the county there are assets or strengths (e.g., literacy and vehicles for transportation) and challenges or risks (e.g., child poverty).   

The contents of this volume are intended to advance prevention by providing statistical information for use in the various phases of the prevention process, including community readiness, needs assessment, grant-seeking, program planning, and eventually program evaluation.  This series is full of information about the citizens of Indiana, living in her 92 counties:  their ages; occupations; incomes; households and families; education; behaviors with regard to alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and gambling; their assets and their hardships; their resources and their needs.  Even so, the information contained in these volumes is incomplete without the insider knowledge that the residents of the counties bring to it.  It is hoped that users of this volume will seek to complement this county-level information by requesting custom reports for their neighborhoods and communities from the IPRC PREV-STAT™ Service.

This service is here to meet your needs.  You do not need to have a precise question in mind.  We will help you discover how PREV-STAT™ can help you.  Just call and ask to speak to someone about PREV-STAT™.   

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