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6.  Jay County Archival Indicators of Risk

Crime Statistics

People prefer to reside and businesses prefer to locate where they feel safe to move about, to study and to work.  Levels of criminal activity in an area constitute an environmental influence on many aspects of life.  People plan their lives taking into account levels of danger associated with activities.  How late at night is it safe to be out?  on foot?  by car?  alone?  with a group?  

For a child, the nature of their environment and the behaviors of their family, friends, neighbors, classmates, and community members strongly contribute to the child’s view of the world and of human nature, and to the child’s expectations for his or her own future behaviors and fate.  If people close to the child model criminal behaviors or are often victims of the same, the child will likely hold expectations, including fears, of encountering similar future circumstances.  

Hence crime statistics are a useful insight into the character of a place and are important to consider in prevention planning.  A prevention program needs to be conducted in a safe place and at a time when it is safe for people to attend.  The prevention professionals planning the program could consider specific activities designed to confront, enhance, or offer alternatives to norms and role modeling prevalent in the child’s world.

Data about crimes, arrests and convictions is not collected in any one central location in the state of Indiana at this time.

Community Risk Factor:  Community Laws/Norms

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