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Strengthening the Youth Unit, MLGYCD


Social Policv Analyst Final Report,

The final report of the Social Policy Analyst, Mrs. SenecaLewis-Gamway, is due to be presented on April 15,2000 at the end of her contract with DevelopmentAssociates. The report will be quite extensive and will include excerptsof research documents completedduring the year, an inventory of documents for the resource center, and a completedyouth database program including electroniccopies for USAID and the GOJ.


procurement and Technical Assistance,

During the period, it was learned that Ms Gloria Nelson retired from the Youth Division. At the same time, the UAP was informed that Mrs. McDowell either retired or was assigned to HEARTMTA. In a

telephone conversationMrs. Jennings advised that she had been transferred to a separatedepartment withinthe Ministry. These persons were the key staff within the Youth Division and the ones who

received training and technical assistanceas well as key members of the Joint Coordinating Committee. Upon making these factsknown to USAID, we reiterated the need for a meeting between USAID and the

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry.

Prior to such a meeting between USAID and the Permanent Secretary, UAP views on the situationwere requestedby the CTO. USAID was reminded of the effortsand resource contributedunder the contract and that one of the major outputs (Strengtheningthe Youth Unit, MEYC) would be affected to the point of making past effortspractically void. DA was not invited to the meeting but was verbally advised of the results by the CTO as follows:

Youth is a major priority for the GOJ. The Prime Minister is convening a meeting of GOJ-sponsored programs involving youth. All commoditiesdonated under the UAP contract will remain with the Ministry. A final meeting of the Joint Coordinating Committeewill be convened to close-out. No W e r UAP resources will be provided to the Ministry since the contract is coming to a close. A w r i t t e n n o t i f i c a t i o n t o D e v e l o p m e n t A s s o c i a t e s o f , - t h e s e f i n d i n g s w a s p r o m i s e d b y t h e C T . . . . . O .


Joint Coordinatine Commltteg

In January, the UAP completed its Quarterly Progress Report, Minutes of the last JCC meeting, and the

Site Visit Report. All documentation was sent with a cover letter to the membership but no meeting was convened in the absence of the Chairperson and other Youth Unit staff. Members were advised of the departure of three key Youth Unit staff. It was determined with USAID that a final luncheon meeting of the JCC will be called to thank members for their participation, obtain feedback on effectiveness of the JCC, and to close-out this component of the project.

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