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of 1996Quarterly Reports. Correspondenceand telephone communicationswere initiatedbetween Aguirre and DA to arrange for the further transfer of documentsand logistic coordiition. Tom Judy visited the DNArlington office to receive a briefing on the project by Loretta Johnston and to obtain further documentation. Several agendas were forwardedto the UAP, and input offered. NGOs were called to ascertain availabilityand a meeting with Dr. Sangster convened with UAP to coordiite logistics. A listing of all sub-grantees, contact persons, addresses, and telephone numbers were given to Dr. Sangster. Due to minor problems within USAID, the evaluationteam had to postpone its arrival in Kingston by one week. Confusingthe matter somewhat was amid-week holiday and mid-tern school vacations during the week the team was to arrive.

Between Mach 7-20,2000,UAP key staff met with the Evaluation team on a weekly basis to impart as much informationas needed to make their task effective and objective. Practicallyone full day was devoted to discussionsfor the design of an "add-onnprogram and its possible structureand content. The UAP also participated at the final EvaluationTeam debriefing of USAID Mission staff which lasted half day.



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Other Activities To obtain data regarding program impact, one on one contacts were conducted with the Sub- Granteesto review and obtain full understanding of the new StatisticalAppendix to the Quarterly Reports. Attended a meeting sponsoredby the World Bank to discuss an evaluation report of the JSIF and its relationshipwith NGOs. SomeUAP sub-granteeswere represented at the meeting. Onsite technical assistancefor PTS data input, web site follow-up, and on-line serviceswas offered by the MIS Specialist, Craig Campbell to WSUC, SSTC, Children First, KRC, Red Cross, YWCA, Wonen's Center, and Ashe. Six offers of technical assistance have been forthcoming from the UAP web site. Three from Europe and three from the U.S. Exchanges of correspondencehave been conducted by Key Staff. A separate offer for classroomto classroom contact between England and Jamaica is in final stages of completion. UAP Football League started friendly matches on March 18to initiatepre-league activities. Soccer shoes and balls for each team will be suppliesunder the DA contract. Attended a meeting with Anna Webb, World Bank Consultant, to discuss the options open to JSIF to work with the local NGO community.

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