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with the Sub-Grantees to clarify the data further, and this may result in the totals changing either upwards or downwards.

Based on these latest reports, Batch I sub-grantees have registered 8,294 adolescents (111% of their revised targets). Batch 11and Batch !JI sub-grantees have respectively registered 8,034 (119% of the revised target), and 922 (125%). It is apposite to contrast these data with the dropout data, which is now available. The latest reports show that some 2,298 adolescents dropped out of the in-school program over the three years of the program to date, and 2,330 from the out-of-school program. Most of these dropouts (a combined 2,414) have dropped out in this final year of the project. Sub-Grantees

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    report that many who had not graduated at the end of the 1998-99grant year simply failed to return for the subsequent year's program. Great efforts are being expended to encourage these delinquents to rejoin the program.

Target Feb 29 Achievement

Regular 12,113 13,878

Spec Pop. z873 3.372

Regular 9,300 13,878

Spec Pop. 1,700 3.372

Percent Achieved





T o date, therefore, only three sub-grantees have not reached their revised target recruitment levels. The eleven others have exceeded their targets. Current registration is 7,071 adolescents, including 5,343 regular population and 1,728 special population. As the Sub-Grantees are able to convince the delinquent registrants to rejoin the programs, the current registration data will increase.

The 17,250 adolescents reported registration to February 29, 2000 represents 157% of the UAP target of 11,000over the life of project (up from 130% last quarter). Of the regular at-risk adolescents project target of 9,300, the 14 sub-grantees have registered 13,878 (149% - up from 136% last quarter). Of the 1,700 target for the special populations, 3,372 adolescents (198% - up from 142% previous quarter) have been registered. Below is a comparison of the recruitment accomplishments compared to sub- grantees' targets and the UAP targets, broken out by regular and special populations.

Sub-Grantees' Tarpets

SU\P Overall Tarn.ts

Financial Disbursements At the end of March 2000, financial disbursements to the Sub-Grantees amounted to approximately US$2.65 million, or approximately J$99 million. For this quarter, disbursements were approximately US$ 240,000, or J$ 10.4 million. Disbursements to the sub-grantees (US$2.65 million) by DA represent approximately 92.8% of the advances (US$2.85 million) received by DA from USAID for sub-grants. The sub-grant fund has been fully obligated at $3.065 million, and the un-disbursed amount from this fund is now US$415,000. While some Sub-Grantees have reported that their authorized grant amounts may be insufficient to effectively complete their programs, DA has advised that supplementation to the SG Fund is unlikely, thus the authorized grant levels will remain.

s Summaries Summary program reports of the sub-grantees for the September to November 1999 period are attached, along with publicity excerpts and other interesting sub-grantee material.

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