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Women's Centre of Jamaica Foundation

Youth Activity Program

Status Update Centers were able to increase their enrolment this quarter from 579 lost period to 740. Much of the increase has been due to the home visits which have resulted in some of the former drop-out from the program, resuming their porticipdion. Absences have been blamed on financial difficulties which families are experiencing .

The mentoring program is now operating a t oil five centers. Mentors have been selected from the communities, and are engaged in professional groups and skill areas such as carpentry, cabinet-making. upholstery, teaching, Police, cosmetology and religion. Mentor training has included discussions on subjects

such as sexually transmitted diseases, road safety, decision making and conflict resolution. The mentoring program is expected to have a significant

impact on reducing indisciplineamong the adolescents.

Human sexuality was a main topic addressed this period, including condom demonstrations and exposure to other contraceptive methods. Through individual counseling, i t has been established that some participants are sexually active. They have been counseled and provided contraceptive methods. Technical and vocotionai training has continued with items being made including hots, towels, woolen toys and art work.

Drama, music and role ploy have been used t o illustrate and reinforce learning especially in the literacy area.

Quarterly Report Status Summary

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