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Sub-Grantee: Project Title:

YWCA National Council 'Y"AdolescentDevelopment

Status Update: The three Y W C A centers currently serve 506 students. A greater commitment to learn and achieve has been noted among the students, an attitude which is likely o-Mbutoble to the dedication, creativity and concern of the teachers. The teacher complement includes several volunteers, including sixth form students from prominent girls' and boys' high schools In Kingston and Spanish Town. Places are being sought in the formal school system for those students who have improved ro the minimum required standards.

Based on the responses of the students, the Montego Bay center placed some emphasis this quarter on reproductive health, including human sexuality. Culinary skills, Includingfood preparation and food decoration have also been emphasized a t this location.

At Kingston center, much progress has been achieved in flower arranging, catering and baking, and sewing skills. The adolescents at the three reading levels were exposed t o personal development classes in presentation oF self, public image, appropriate dress, choosing friends and study groups. Undisciplined behm'or continued t o be a challenge at this locotion. I t has been observed that learning and discipline improved when computer-aided instruction was introduced. The implication, that more computers need t o be deployed in the learning environment, will be pursued with vigor in future project plans.

The Spanish Town location has improved its accommodorion, primarily due t o the assistance of the Jamaica Social investment Fund, which financed the reconstruction of o building on the premises. More parents meetings, and Sahrrday seminars are planned for the next quoHer.

Quarterly Report Status Snmmary

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