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UpliftingAdolescents Project Jamaica QuarterlyProgress Report January to March 2000


In June 1996,Development Associates,Inc. was awarded a contract with a level of effort of 194person months of long and short term technical assistanceto strengthen local NGOs to deliver a multi-modal package of services to adolescentsbetween the ages of 10-18years to improve their social skills to become more productive and responsible citizens, and to strengthenthe Youth Unit of the Ministry of Education.


The three major outputs as detailed in SectionC, Work Statementof the contract articulate:


Strengtheningthe NGOs: The first step in implementingthis project is to provide technical assistance and training to the NGOs to enable them: (a) to improve their managerial capabilities; @) to improve or expand their program capabilities to deliver either the minimum or recommended package of servicesto adolescents; and (c) to apply to the contractor for grants to provide services to adolescents.


Proerams for Adolescents Designed & Delivered, The heart of the project is the delivery of multi- modal packages of servicesto approximately 11,000 at-risk adolescents. The NGOs accepted for the project can deliver these packages of serviceswith funding from sub-grantsfrom the contractor. About 14,000 youth years of services(minimumand recommended) are to be provided to about 9,300 at-risk adolescents(since some adolescents receive more than one year of services. their number is less than the number of youth years). For specialpopulations (pregnant girls, learning disabilities, etc.) who require specialized services, about 2,500 youth years of servicesare

to be

to about 1,700 adoiesce&


Youth Unit Strengthened: The Youth Unit in the Ministry of Local Government, Youth & Community Development is to play an important part in the implementation of this project and be a central point on behalf of the government for continuingthese activitiesafter the project ends. As a newly formed office within the ministry, it needs some inputs to become strong enough to fklfill its role.

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