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February 25, completed on March 2. All assessments generally showed improvement in or maintenance of a high quality of accounting for project funds. There were a few instanceswhere procurement files were not up to date with the required Bid Analysis memoranda, and some cases of expenditureincurred being questioned as not reasonable. These were discussed with the NGOs and clarifiedby the next month.

A further follow-up assessment of the Sam SharpeTeachers College was conducted on March 2 (also postponed &omFebruary 25). By and large, the SSTC has now completed the recommended actions consequentto the November 1999Financial Assessment. Some additional data were provided to the UAF' by March 9, after which, the data being satisfactory, UAF' resumed disbursements to this organization. Reports were issued to the six Batch I1 sub-granteesfor which Fmancial Assessments were conducted in February and March.


Finalization of UAP Literacv Teaching Standard; The UAP Literacy Standard was discussed with Mr. Riley of JAMAL, and at a meeting held on January 7, it was agreedthat there would be no further changes, and that the December 1999 standard should be accepted as follows:


Testing of all out of school participants to establish literacy levels;

Teachers should have minimum qualifications as follows:


Trained Teacher's Certificate eom a recognized TeachersTraining College; or CXCIGCE passes in at least three subjects,includingthose being taught; or Jamaica Secondary School Certificate (SSC) in five subjectsand one year's experienceas a


JAMAL volunteer teacher; and Completion of two of three UAP-JAMAL Literacy TrainingCourses.


. .

Instructionalmaterials should be equal to JAMAL material at Levels I to N, and are presented in formats appropriateto reading comprehension levels, and capable of motivating out-of-schoolyouth to learn.

Instructionalmethodologiesin use should be equivalentto those in use at JAMAL, and should includeuse of innovationsto promote and reinforce learning such as computers, music and drama, and materials developed during the UAPIJAMAL workshops, including flash cards; and


A student :teacher ratio in classesnot higher than 20:1.


Assessment of NGO Literacv Teaching Sites:

Administrative and technical support were provided to the Assessment of NGO Teaching sites meeting the UAP Literacy Teaching Standard. A schedule of visits was prepared and arranged with the respective Sub-Grantees,and the contractor,Mr. Riley started visits to the Sub-Grantees on January 17.

Sitesvisited during January included: JamaicaRed Cross, Yallahs Jamaica Associationfor the Deaf, Papine Children First, SpanishTown Women's Center of Jamaica, Mandeville Me1Nathan Institute, Hannah Town

YMCA, Hope Road YWCA, SpanishTown Rural Family Support Org, May Pen Kingston Restoration Company, Kingston

The remaining 8 NGO sites were visited by JAMAL in February to completethe field work.

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