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with Mr. Rankine and Mr. Stanley, it was decided that the report needed major restructuringprior to final acceptance and dissemination. The final revised report was received from the consultants,L A R & D in February.

Houe Enterpriseshas been delayed with the first component of data input and data analysis. However, a preliminary report on the first set of data collected is most impressive. The second part of the project is to meet with stakeholdersto design an implementationprogram based on the results of the data. Unexpected staff turnover in FamPlan further complicated implementation sincetwo key staff persons are leaving or have left the NGO. On February 22, a meeting was held with Hope Enterprises CEO, Mrs. Maxine Wedderburn, to discuss a revised schedule of the project in light of staff changes at FarnPlan, and the projected termination date of activities. The results of this study could have an impactnot only on NGO planning but more importantin the Miistry of Education to identifyand work on school, community, parental, and student based assets required to combat drop-out and student retention rates. PACD for this activity has been extended to September 30,2000.

k i s in the final stages of its research activitieswith the second application of a tested instrumentbeing applied to both control and experimental groups. It was anticipated that a final report would be delivered by the end of March but Ashe staff were delayed in data collection activities. A PIL extendingthe termination date to July 31,2000 was executed.

Meetings were held with the Kingston YMCA's General Secretary, and Professor Errol Miller, the consultant on the Operations Research Project. Issues relating to reporting were clarified, and the current status of the project reviewed. It was identified that a budget revision may be required at some time in the next few months, and this issue was tabled for pursuit at a later date. Preliminary reports from this project look very promising especially for formal educational institutions.


O~erationResearch Workshops to Share Results;

The NGO Coordinatoredited and produced an abridged version of the report received from LA R & D Enterprises Ltd. Copies of the abridged documentwere sent to the invited participants to the workshop

held on March 29. The workshop was attended by nine representatives from sevenNGOs participating in the UAP. Also in attendance, by invitation, were nine representativesof key governmentbodies and agencies having an influentialrole in alleviatingthe plight of street children. This workshop provided an opportunity for the consultants to sharetheir fidings with a select group of participants from the NGO and governmentsectors, and to determine preliminary followup actions which both sectors may take jointly and individually. A workshop report has been prepared and will be transmittedto all stakeholders.

Preparations are underway with Ashe for the presentationof their operations research finding and results. The tentative date for this event is set for June 14,2000.

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